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Reviews: Male Health Tea

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  • Male Health Tea

    I take this product (Male Health tea) regularly. Along with the Energy tea I take the Male Health tea in the mornings to get me going and after work for another pick me up. I highly recommend and the other teas as well. *
  • Male Health Tea

    For girth, sustainability, stamina and a genuine overall sexual health boost, try this tea. You can feel the difference after just the first bag. I'm on my 3rd order and keep this in my tea rotation. Take it mostly at night. Very calming and does what it says, advance your health. And it taste great as well. *
  • Male Health Tea

    This tea is incredible, thanks you for providing a great product and not some commercialized hype. *
  • Male Health Tea

    Dherbs Male Health Tea I found to be very beneficial. I drank this tea at least twice a day to help keep my reproductive system at optimal performance, ridding my body of any harmful toxins. This is a very therapeutic and relaxing drink. It also bring rejuvenation to the male reproductive system. Thank you Dherbs. *
  • Male Health Tea

    Love this tea. I used to drink it before bed. The taste is also great. *
  • Male Health Tea

    Great product, I drank the Male Heath Tea while I was performing the Full Body detox. The taste was 50/50 but I saw and felt results! *
  • Male Health Tea

    I am writing this review to thank DHERBS for their wonderful products. The Male Health Tea helped my prostate tremendously. This wonderful tea helped me pass my physical exam at Lifesigns with flying colors. Dherbs products were instrumental in reversing all of my male ills. If it weren't for DHERBS , I would probably be hospitalized somewhere...Thanks! *
  • Male Health Tea

    I bought the Male Health tea for my boyfriend and he loves it so much! Thank you Dherbs! *
  • Male Health Tea

    I drink this awesome tasting tea before bed.. It is very soothing and I am able to feel the effectiveness throughout my body during and after I drink it.. Absolutlely amazing.. *
16 results

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