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Reviews: Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

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  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    I've had dark elephant looking skin on the sides of my feet for about 5 years. After using oz oil twice daily for about a month, my feet look like new. I'll never stop using it. Thanks for getting me ready for sandal weather. *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    I started using OZ Oil about three weeks again internally and externally. I was amazed at the noticeable results… on my face. My skin use to look so dull. Now it glows! I have recommended this product and website to all my family and friends. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    I am shocked at how well this product works. I have dark spots on my skin , but using this has made those spots lighter. It gives you a glow! This is another great product from Dherbs. *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    Hi my hair was itching so bad I wanted to scream! My scalp and the hair line were so inflamed that it began peeling. The night I received the Oz Oil I applied it to my scalp and immediately began feeling relieve. The itching has eased up tremendously. Great! *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    The oz oil really helped with a rash I had on my leg from taking a pharmaceutical drug for high cholesterol... The doctors' could not tell me what caused the rash. They just kept prescribing creams that did not work, so then they wanted to do a biopsy, but I refused. I knew it was not there before I started taking the drugs because I watch all changes that my body goes through whenever I eat or take something new. Therefore, I stopped taking drug and began using the oz oil on the infected area. My leg is as smooth as it was before all this drama, and my doctor still refuse to admit it was drug she prescribed. Thank you for another awesome product. *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    Wonderful product! A must try for skin problems. Continue the good work Dherbs. *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    Excellent product works really good for those suffering with eczema and dry skin! *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    This oil is amazing. I scraped the top of my finger last night which caused the skin to tear away slightly and I immediately put a little Oz Oil on the affected area (wasn't sure it would work) but almost instantly the scrape stopped burning. I actually think it has healed overnight. I also use this oil all over my body after a shower (particularly before I go to bed at night) and I wake up in the morning with soft skin. I will continue to purchase this product for as long as you sell it. Thanks. *
  • Oxy-Oil (8 oz)

    I been using Oz oil for over an month, and I'm very happy with the results. I've tried lots of creams for athlete's foot but it always came back. Oz oil worked in just a few days, I use it for everything, I even take a teaspoon every day. *
120 results

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