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Reviews: Thyroid Aid

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  • Thyroid Aid

    Thyroid Aid has helped me lose so much weight..I love it :-) *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I purchased the Thyroid Aid for my mother who had great results. All thanks to your product. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    The Thyroid formula is fabulous. I have noticed a great improvement when I am exercising and my metabolic rate increases as does my energy level. If you are trying to lose weight do not neglect this important aid. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I have ordered 2 bottles of the Thyroid Formula. I have noticed increased energy, and my nails have grown. My temperature under my arm in the morning have shown that my temperature level is almost normal. I recommend this product for thyroid health *
  • Thyroid Aid

    After reading on the Dherds site & other health sites how important the Thyroid is to regulating body I decided to try the Thyroid Formula. My desire to over-eat and eat excessive sweets diminished extremely!!! I eat half of what I would normally eat. I feel great! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    Great product! I began to search for something natural and non harmful to my body. So I started taking Dherbs' Thyroid Aid this is a blessing for me. Thanks Dherbs for such wonderful product! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    This is a wonderful product (Thyroid Aid). I have been using this and I would suggest to anyone to try this. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    Finally a product (Thyroid Aid) that helps! I was able to noticeably have great results with Dherbs Thyroid Aid. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    In doing research on Dherbs website, I found the Thyroid Aid. *
47 results

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Thyroid Aid 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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