FAQ: The Female Cleanse

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The Female Cleanse is for women of all ages as it replenishes the health of your female reproductive organs. The Menstrual Cycle Formula can be taken by a female in menopause. The herbs used to produce the formula provides a different approach to help balance out hormones.

Menstrual Cycle Formula

The magnet is placed on your thyroid, right above your clavicle which is technically where your collar bone meets in the middle of your neck. Herbs don't really expire but they do lose potency over time. Storing them as you describe helps preserve the herbs.

Full Body Cleanse

The Full Body Cleanse would be the best one to start with. After eliminating toxins and waste that accumulates over time, in addition to detoxing the major organs; you can better assess what your body needs and where your health is.

Full Body Cleanse

Zinc Formula