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Reviews: Energy Booster Tea

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  • Energy Booster Tea

    This is the greatest tea in the world words cannot say how great this tea is. It gives you great energy and makes your body feel really great and good. This tea gave me a great high when taking it. Yours Truly, Joyce *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    Love those teas! The teas are amazing. They taste great and you don't have to add sweeteners to them. They have allowed to to stop drinking coffee. The teas are refreshing to taste. The Energy Teas works great one cup and you are ready for the day and it has a great taste. All the teas taste great that I have had so far. I've recommended them highly!!! *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    Great tea if you want that extra energy throughout the day. For me, the effect starts after around 4 or 5 hours. So I suggest this to be taken in the morning. Not evening or before bedtime. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    This ENERGY tea does exactly as described. It gives you a burst of energy to get you going in the morning. It also keeps you focus throughout the day. I would highly recommend it! *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    I have really enjoyed drinking this Energy Tea. Everyday, I would have to take a nap but since drinking this tea, I can get through the day with having to do so now. Thanks Dherbs for such a wonderful product! *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    I use to drink coffee to pick me up. I tried this product (ENERGY tea) and was able to cut back on the coffee tremendously. I now just drink coffee if I want a cup for the taste. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    This is a great tea (ENERGY tea) for an extra pick me up! I don't need it all the time but can always count on it when I need a little more stamina. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    This tea is nothing short of amazing! Mo more than 10 minutes after drinking it, I was so full of energy and I was able to concentrate a lot better. This is great for those mornings when you're feeling sluggish. This will definitely get you up and going. I highly recommend this product and will be stocking up on more of it myself. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    this tea works great! it gives me a nice boost in the morning. Good for you unlike coffee and much better tasting_ *
19 results

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