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Reviews: Full Body Cleanse

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  • Full Body Cleanse

    The FBD yielded great results, I lost 20 lbs and gained a tremendous amount of energy. I will definitely try the FBD again in 6 months. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    This is my second FBD of the year. I performed my first at the beginning of the summer and now have just completed my second for the fall. The benefits of the clense are endless. I feel more in tune with my body/nature. My thoughts are clearer so that I can "hear" my body when its talking to me. I recommend the Full Body Detox and this site to ALL I know. DHERBS is truely a blessing! Marcus *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I didn't think I would be able to go 21 days on a raw foods diet (using the Full Body Detox) but I did! No dairy, no alcohol, no coffee? But I did and it was a rewarding experience!! I lost 13lbs and it has jump started my weight loss and healthy living lifestyle! I know this is what my body wants and deserves. I am so glad to have found this site!! Dherbs rocks! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Greeting Everyone!! This is my first time writing a review. I completed the Full Body Detox Sept of 2009 & I must say this product is the best I've ever tried (I've tried a lot). I felt a different after taking the product for 3 days. Prior to taking the Full Body Detox, I experienced joint pains, migraines (3-4 times a week for 20 plus years), mucus build up, eyes problems, and allergic reaction to certain foods. After taking it, I came to realize that I was addicted to aspirin for more than 20 years. Since then I've only experienced 1 headache & tried to take an aspirin which made me sick. I highly recommend the Full Body Detox along with the change in diet. Great Product!! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    My husband and i just completed the full body detox and it was amazing! My skin is glowing and and I feel better than I think I ever have. The all raw diet got a little difficult near the end, but it was well worth it. I lost 5 lbs in the first week alone. This detox has made me appreciate healthy eating and I am committed to a lifestyle change with a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables. Now I'm ready for the total woman's cleanse! Thanks dherbs. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I have 8 days left on my detox i fell great ive lost at leat 20 pounds i followed it to the tea i ate all raw, have the engery of life. its the best thing i could have done for my self, iam a vegeterian so it was easy for me and i will do it again in april. my next thing is the total women cleanse, i feel so good, thank you very very much. Joanne Duruisseau Semien *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Hi, I am on my final day of the Full Body Detox!! I have had a really great time this time around... its my third one. This time I juiced everyday and found some great raw food resturants in New York City such as Raw Soul, Free Foods, and Pure Food and Wine. I tell all of my family and friends about the cleanse but seeing the results for themselves makes them definatly interested in performing the FBD themselves. The two other times I did the detox I experienced the physical aspects of the "healing crisis," such as head aches, muscle aches... but this time none of that! This time I did experience the "healing crisis" in the aspect of my emotions. Im very proud of myself also because this time I was 100% organic and raw (nope not any steamed veggies!). Kudos to me:) Thank you Dherbs!! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I am very please with the FBD. I completed my 2nd FBD kit and got great results. I also had my sister and sister-inlaw to do the FBD with me this past June. They both were excitied about how great the FBD cleanses your body and the waste that you get rid of. I thank GOD and DHerbs *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I completed my 2nd FBD kit and got great results! clear complexion and I lost 5lbs. Getting ready to order my 1st Electic Greens Cell Cleanse. *
3014 results

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