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Reviews: Natural Tooth Powder

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  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I love using the tooth powder. After brushing my teeth with it, it makes my teeth feel really clean, and it has also changed my gums back to the color pink. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I just found this amazing Tooth Powder with such a great ingredients! I was searching to make my own healthy toothpaste. And this powder has all the goodies in it already! All i have to do now is to add it to my coconut oil with some trace minerals - my very healthy re-mineralizng toothpaste! Or else I will just dip some coconut oil with trace minerals on my toothbrush right in this powder, thats it! Will post update once I start using it. Thank you for such an amazing Tooth Powder! *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I had a really bad tooth ache. So I contacted my insurance and they would only pay for a dental exam with teeth cleaning NO xray. I didn't have the money if I needed a filling or a root canal so I started researching online what I should do. I had just gotten the tooth powder since they were out of stock for a while and I put oil of oregano (which I keep around the house) around my tooth and let it seep for 10 minutes without rinsing then I brushed my teeth with the tooth powder everyday. It hurt really bad for 3 days doing this but here it is a month later I have no tooth pain. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    Very good product I can feel the difference when I brush with the powder. The tooth powder is a must have but it can get a little messy. Some times I use it by itself or with a natural toothpaste. My children use it also and will not hurt them if they swallow it. I recommended it to a lot of my friends and family. Thanks Dherbs for a healthier way of living. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    This product is amazing. Ever since I started using the tooth healing powder, my dentist visits have been great, no cavities or any other problems. It is easy to use and the jar lasts for a long time. Also it makes your teeth whiter. I will continue to use this product forever. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I have been using the Natural Healing Tooth Powder for over a year now and I can't see myself brushing my teeth without it. It really cleans your teeth and freshens your breath. I can feel the difference when I don't use it. If I get lazy and don't use it when I brush my teeth, my teeth don't feel as clean as it does when I use the Natural Healing. So I will go back and re-brush my teeth. Because it's so concentrated, you only need a small amount and the jar last forever. I bought the first jar last year and I'm just ordering another jar. I love the Natural Healing Tooth Powder and will ALWAYS use it! *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    I love this product - my teeth feel clean and in addition it is all natural, no chemicals. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    The one thing I never like about most commercial toothpastes/rinses/powders, is that sweet taste. I always felt like I was going against what I was trying to do, which was maintaining oral health. After using this for one day, I'm sold. It's not fake and surgary, nor does it mask odor. My teeth feel cleaner and Im not gagging as I brush and rinse. Thank you so much Dherbs. *
  • Natural Tooth Powder

    The Natural Healing Tooth Powder has been a Godsend. It has helped by gums tremendously. I have been using the tooth powder consistently for the past six months and at my last dental cleaning the hygienist could tell a big difference in the condition of my gums. The Natural Healing Tooth Powder also helps keep my breath fresh. This product lasts a long time, the container is still full. I will definitely purchase this product again. *
80 results

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