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  • Veins Formula

    I have Veinous Insufficiency, and although I already have it, taking this formula can't hurt! I have gone through one bottle, and I am hoping at least, the condition will not worsen. I've been told the condition is not reversible, but I believe that it can be improved. I'll know more when I have my check up in another 4 months. *
  • Veins Formula

    I like the ingredients in the veins formula. good for circulation. *
  • Veins Formula

    The veins formula was really good. Will order again. *
  • Veins Formula

    Have not tried your products yet. Heard about the effectiveness of your products on 102.5FM radio. *
  • Veins Formula

    I purchased the veins formula because I noticed my leg veins seems to be visual on the back of my leg and did not want it to get worse. Sitting 8 hours a day (approximately) due to my job may have been a factor. I have not seen much of a difference (visual appearance)as I thought I would with this formula. I guess I'm so used to the other products and their fast results. :)I've also increased my exercise regime to help and will order the circulation aid. ~NB *
5 results

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