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Reviews: Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

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  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I enjoyed this product immensely & it has me not wanting to go back to eating meat anymore. I lost 20lbs & I feel great. I still have a long way to way but I feel good. I want to do the full body cleanse in the next few weeks as I still have another 55lbs to go. I enjoyed the weight release tea that came with the product and I didn't even have the urge to put sugar in the tea and I initially thought I couldn't break away from my sugar addiction. I absolutely enjoyed this product & I would use it again. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    Folks, this is the real deal. I ordered this weight release cleanse to give me the upper hand in a work place weight loss competition. I was able to loose a little over 30 pounds in about a month, putting me in second place. The first couple of days were a little rough, but after that it was easy sailing. I no longer crave junk food and sugar. I sleep better and have a lot more energy. Thank you Dherbs!! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I am on day 7 of the cleanse and I am amazed! My energy is on point and my attitude is so positive! I lost 7 pounds in the first 3 days! I can see the inches loss on my midsection! I'm excited to see the results at the end of the 20 days! I'm considering either the 20 day cleanse next or the maintenance package! I'm definitely more conscious of what I'm eating as well as what I had been eating! It's not easy but I believe it is worth it! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    This is the second cleanse that my wife and I have used. We are experiencing great results. We plan to continue using Dherbs products. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I tried this after the 20 day full body cleanse. It worked better than expected. In less than 2 months I'm down a total of 30lbs using both the full body cleanse and the weight release cleanse. I am very happy and would recommend this product to anyone!!!!! I am going to do another round of the 20 day cleanse and keep pushing until i reach my goal. The customer service staff is awesome which is an bonus. I am customer for life!!!!! *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I love this product it really helped me with my craving and I was able to stay on an eating schedule. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    I am in the military. I have been using the full body cleanse for a few years now. I am extremely happy that I get to knock out two things at once. I get to bring my weight down to where it needs to be for weigh-ins, plus I feel better throughout my body. It is a great product. Therefore, I have and will continue to recommend it to family and friends. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    The cleanse was amazing. Both me and my husband did this cleanse. It was Very easy on the stomach. After about a week in, I started noticing a big difference in my energy and drive. And not to mention that I lost a lot of weight too. I highly recommend product to anyone. We will definitely be using this product again in the future. *
  • Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen

    Great product! I saw results immediately and lost some inches off my waist line. *
163 results

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