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Reviews: Weight Release Tea

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  • Weight Release Tea

    The weight release tea is wonderful. I drank the tea twice a day and it gave me so much energy. After drinking it I'm not as hungry and my cravings aren't so strong. I love this tea and will continue to use till I reach my weight loss goals. The teas tastes really good (to my surprise) and I didn't even need to add anything to it. I highly recommend this tea for anyone who wants to lose weight and get health. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Great taste does what it promised. I would order it again. I am about to order again soon. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The best tea will help keep you on track and taste delicious. I just love it will be ordering more in the future. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I have used this tea alongside the 10 day cleanse express and it worked so good that I decided to buy it separately to continue using it post cleanse. It tastes very good and helps to eliminate unwanted waste. The tea helped to lower my appetite, regulate metabolism and release necessary fluids and waste. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The first month that I took this product I didn't see too much of a change. I wasn't discouraged because I knew that it takes your body at least 30 to 90 days to adapt to any changes that you put in. In the second month that I bought it I noticed that I went from 225 lb to 218 lb which I was excited about. I am now about to order my third bag of tea hoping to lose another 5 pounds with this tea. I also did light cardio one time a week because my regular job is a automotive technician. I also had a good diet no starchy foods nothing white so no sugars, no rice, no bread, no sodas and only alkaline water and 100% fruit juices. I am now looking to try the body cleanse which I'm hoping to lose at least 15lbs. THERE IS NO QUICK FIXES FOR LOSING WEIGHT YOU MUST BE DEDICATED AND WANT IT. YOU HAVE TO EAT SMART AND AT LEAST WORK OUT 2X A WEEK AND DO A LOT OF CARDIO. NO SENSE IN LOSING WEIGHT IF YOU'RE GOING TO PUT IT BACK ON BY EATING BAD FOOD AND DRINKING DRINKS WITH A HIGH CALORIE INTAKE. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The weight release tea is really amazing. I enjoy it very much and I am seeing results. *
  • Weight Release Tea

  • Weight Release Tea

    I really enjoyed the tea. I must order more in the future. Thank You. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Definitely helps with reducing bloating and helps hunger cravings. I will definitely recommend this to people who love to try different types of teas. *
109 results

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