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Reviews: Anti-V Formula

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  • Anti-V Formula

    I can gladly say that both the anti v formula and the hair skin and nails formula are great!I I saw an improvement in my skin and hair. I just placed another order for the anti v formula and soon will order another hair, skin and nails formula. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Anti-V Formula

    Love this product. I have not had a cold since I have been using the Anti-V Formula. Dherbs, you guys are the best. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    I use the Anti-V Formula in addition to doing the 10 Day Blood Cleanse. I was suffering from a infection, after my completion my follow up blood work came back negative!!!! I have done the Full Body Cleanse before, I seem to like this one much better. I lost more weight with this cleanse also. If you suffer from any blood, or viral issue I high would recommend! *
  • Anti-V Formula

    The Full Body Cleanse is a great product. Body felt cleansed and healthy again. Can't wait to do it again. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    Yoni Formula and Anti V Formula I did this for a few days a few weeks ago and I did see a difference. I will do it for another 5 before seeing my gyn. Besides being even more regular I did see a difference in fluid release. I will purchase the women's cleanse as I am one last pack of birth control. I wish I knew about the Anti-V formula earlier. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    I feel good using the Anti-V Formula for the first time. I gave a family member a couple to try and it helps with a sore throat. I will try this again. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    After just a couple days of taking the Anti-V Formula, I'm breathing much better and I haven't been coughing. My nose is also running less. I've also been taking the Virgo formula along with this all at once. I'm not really sure if it's just the Anti-V formula that's helping or if it's a combo of both. I will be ordering the Express Cleanse as well as the Anti-V cleanse this week. I'm very hopeful that I will see great results. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    Last year I had a follow up visit with my gyn. I took the Anti-V Formula with the Yoni Cleanser for 13 days before the visit. Prior to the visit I did a 5-7 day cleanse. My results were healthy. I think DHerbs products help the body come back to a natural state. I'm off birth control as well. I am so happy I made that choice. This product is a staple along with the Yoni Cleanser, and a few others. Kudos to DHerbs for offering a natural alternative. *
  • Anti-V Formula

    Great supplement to have for everyday...haven't had a cold at all this year....recommend highly. *
120 results

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Anti-V Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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