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Reviews: Bowel Motion

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  • Bowel Motion

    I recently purchased this product and I must say it truly does what the name says - I was MOVED beyond belief. As we move to begin a new year I will be again do the FBD and continuing to follow that up with the Bowel Mover...Thanks Dherbs;o) *
  • Bowel Motion

    This product is fantastic, wonderful, marvelous, dependable, and very reliable. Need I say more!? The Bowel Mover speaks for itself. *
  • Bowel Motion

    I love this product it's one of my favorite, it makes me feel so good after very bowel mover, the name speak for itself. *
  • Bowel Motion

    True Peace Dherbs, The Bowel mover formula is potent and gets to the bottom of the challenge and makes things move with ease, remember to eat right and drink plenty of water.again if you need transit of the bowels bowel mover will do the job.don't call the plummer call your local bowel mover at dherbs.com. *
  • Bowel Motion

    These herbs (Bowel Mover) have been a life saver for me. I now eliminate each day, sometimes twice a day. Before I found this product, I was lucky to go twice a week on my own. Also, there is no cramping or bloating. *
  • Bowel Motion

    this is product is awesome i take 3 a night and i am in the bathroom a 6;00am every morning.i have always been regular but from time to time i need a little help.awesome product dherbs all i can say is awesome. *
  • Bowel Motion

    This product (Bowel Mover) is the only thing that keeps my bowels moving regularly. I've tried everything else on the market with no success. Don't know what I would do without this product. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Bowel Motion

    This product is awesome. I have everyone in my family using it. They are constantly badgering me. " When are you ordering again, I am almost out" They keep telling me that they didn't know that they had so much waste inside their bodies. I myself do not leave home without this product. It's the best in regularity product. *
  • Bowel Motion

    o.k. I began having problems pooping back in October of 2009, due to my eating habits.I am trying to eat right, and by cutting my animal products down from seven days a week to two days now, I think I have sent my body into shock. So now my pooping patterns have changed. Back in October I was going to the ER 3-4 times a week, trying to have them figure out why I havent had a bowel movement in 3 days, then 4 days, even 5 days. Each time I was told add more fiber, drink more water, buy miralax, all of which I did and none helped. I had a rectal exam, where they put 2 fingers inside you and a sigmoidoscopy.. hek I am only 37 years old. I thought I was dying. Anyway, they give me a laxative called Lactulose, and it worked tremendously, but it made me bloated and I cramped alot. Now it is February 2010 and I just started having this same problem again and I have been taking the bowel mover and it really is a miracle. I only take it when I notice I haven't had a bowel movement in 3 days or so.....man now I don't want my household to be without it. *
129 results

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Bowel Motion 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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