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Reviews: Cardiovascular

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  • Cardiovascular

    I recommend the Cardio-Vascular Formula because it lowered my blood pressure. I've tried many western medications prescribed by my doctor over the last four years and my blood pressure remained over 140. I am happy to say that my blood pressure is under 130. Thank you. *
  • Cardiovascular

    I just simple love all your product including the Cardiovascular. My father Dr. Ignatius Foster was the first Blackman to open a health food store in Brooklyn New York. He did this before health food stores ever existed and people came from far and near to be healed. He died many years ago, but he taught me that eating healthy and preserving one’s body with the right herbs is very important. Kind of what you are doing at Dherbs. That being, your products have never let me down including this product. My heart rate went down and the doctors are amazed. Thanks again Dherbs. *
  • Cardiovascular

    Hello everyone, I went away for the 4th of July and while I was away, I used my mother's blood pressure cuff and took my own blood pressure and it was 128/90. Of course I was shocked, so I decided to do something about it including making sure my diet was right on target. I must say after using the Cardio-Vascular Formula for a few days I noticed that my breathing is much better and sometimes I had rapid heartbeats but not now. I will continued to use this product. Thanks, Dherbs you are a life saver! *
  • Cardiovascular

    I can actually feel this product working throughout my cardiovascular system. It is great to know that my heart is being fed the right thing! Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Cardiovascular

    You can really feel the difference in energy and stamina throughout the day. I enjoy both the cardiovascular tea and the cardiovascular herbs. The tea actually taste really good. Mix it with a little honey for sweetness and your gold. It is a good supplement for heart issues such as palpitations and great as an overall tonic for energy. It felt like I had an extra heart. The increase energy felt naturally and really worked to improved my focus. It doesn't take long to kick in. Tea served hot with honey is an everyday must! *
  • Cardiovascular

    I just finished my 1st bottle (Cardio-Vascular Formula). Together with stopping caffeine, it helps greatly in stabilizing my irregular heartbeat. In fact, I can already feel a difference on the first day I took it. I am sure with continued usage, I will be completely healed. Thank you, Dherbs! *
  • Cardiovascular

    I am taking this to help arrest issues with BP. I recommend this product along with a vegetarian diet, plenty of water, circulation aid and blood purifier (from DHerbs)! Thanks *
  • Cardiovascular

    I have been taking Cardio-Vascular Formula for over a year, mainly because I was experiencing periodic rapid heartbeat. This formula has decreased the time and number of times that this occurs. I order two bottles at a time, in order not to run out. It has truly been a benefit with no side effects. *
  • Cardiovascular

    The cardio vascular formula is a great product!!!!!!!!! Waiting for my next order to come. *
29 results

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