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Reviews: Energy Booster Tea

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  • Energy Booster Tea

    this tea works great! it gives me a nice boost in the morning. Good for you unlike coffee and much better tasting_ *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    This energy tea is awesome. It not only gives me that extra pick me up I need in the mornings and before my workout it also has a very pleasant taste. I am on my 6th bag. I highly recommend this tea. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    This is a great tea to start the morning with a magnifecent focus... I recomend this better than drinking those expensive energy drinks! *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    This tea gives me a natural boost of energy. I'm thru with my bag and used this along with the brain tea on alternating mornings. I'm online now to get another bag of this tea now! *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    The tea gives me a perfect amount of energy without becoming jittery. I drink it in the mornings when I arrive at work and within the hour I am waking up. I follow it up with the Weight Release Tea in the late afternoon. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    The energy tea absolutely works. I use to take a energy shot or energy drink every time I needed a little boost to get me to the gym, but those left me nauseous or just uncomfortable, so I decided to try the energy. From the first time I took it I noticed an immediate boost, all natural with no let down. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    I use this tea to get an extra boost or stay up late for studying and it gets the job done! It has a great taste. I highly recommend this tea. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    I'll just say I ran out of this tea and I can definitely tell the difference in my energy levels. I work in the day and take night classes, so this was my "coffee." Will definitely be repurchasing. *
  • Energy Booster Tea

    I'm not so hot about the taste but I can tell when I drink the Energy Tea that my energy levels seem to increase...helped very well with weaning me off coffee! *
21 results

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