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Reviews: Jackrabbit

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  • Jackrabbit

    My penis felt longer and stronger IMMEDIATELY after taking the Jackrabbit. My LADIES love me even more now! I don't want to recommend the Jackrabbit to anyone because they might try to steal my girls LOL. *
  • Jackrabbit

    I recommended Jackrabbit Formula to a friend and he was overwhelmed; Now he orders it. It is a VERY good product. *
  • Jackrabbit

    this formula is serious. and to know its all natural!! will be using this for a long time. *
  • Jackrabbit

    EXCELLENT!!! I Love this product, I have been taking this everyday for the pass month and I have notice a huge difference, especially in the stiffness. This is a good feeling, and I thank DHERBS for this great product. Keep up the good work. *
  • Jackrabbit

    I always have great results, ever since the first time I tried the product. Best thing is there are no side effects. Bye Blue pills!!! *
  • Jackrabbit

    The bottom line is that, this is a great product that is safe and really works. *
  • Jackrabbit

    This is a great natural product and it works. It is worth every penny. *
  • Jackrabbit

    Great product. Anything NATURAL that can help my performance. This product get 5 STAR from me. Thanks again for your products Dherbs. From CAP *
  • Jackrabbit

    The Jackrabbit is all natural and it works!!! My wife still doesn't know that I take them but she sure as hell knows the difference!!!! *
89 results

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Jackrabbit 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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