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Reviews: Menstrual Cycle Formula

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  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    This is the best thing ever. I had a lot of problems with my period being very heavy and sometimes very irregular but since I started this Moon cycle, it has been very regular being once a month instead of twice a month sometimes and the flow has become almost normal. I am afraid to stop taking this formula because I do not want to go back to what it was. Thank you Dherbs for making something so good that it works great for women like me. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    This product is a miracle for me, i usually cramp really bad for 2 weeks before my menstrual starts. I have been taking this product for a month and i have no cramps at the start of my cycle. My period lasted about 5 days now it's only 3 days. This product is great !! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I began taking it at the beginning of my last cycle. At that time I was also changing my eating habits (raw foods, NO meat). I noticed that my menses wasn't as heavy and also much shorter in time. It's been a great change. I would recommend this to anyone that has problems with heavy cycles...I love it! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    Greetings! I have ordered this product (Moon Cycle Formula) from you for the last 9 months and I am very satisfied. I have experienced great healing. I no longer have menstruation in the same month! Instead of 21 days I am now every 25 to 30 days and not heavy! Thank God for you! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    Since taking this formula (Moon Cycle Formula), my menstrual cycles have changed. I also took the Yoni Formula at the same time as this one. My periods have lasted 10 days ever since I had kids, and after taking this formula my period lasted only 7 days and then 6 days this last menstrual cycle. They haven't been this short since I was in high school. Great Formulas! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    The Menstrual Cycle Formula did just what it said it would do. My cycles were irregular. After taking this formula, I noticed changes within two days. I recommend this to any woman who is experiencing the same symptoms. It is also helpful to change the diet if necessary to alleviate some of these issues. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I am in my late 30s and ever since my mid 30s my Dr. has tried to put me back on birth control pills due to painful cramps. I relented last year… After just a couple weeks of Moon Cycle Formula my cycle started with no cramps! This was unbelievable for me and I am so excited to have a natural product that works! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    LOVE THIS PRODUCT (Menstrual Cycle Formula) SO MUCH! My cycle used to last for about 4 days, now it's like 2 1/2 as I previously wrote and I do not breakout anymore! This is a must have for women! This definitely keeps my hormones in check! Along with a healthy VEGAN diet, taken with the Menstrual Cycle tea, blackstrap molasses and all the other female formulas for that time of the month, not to mention Sugar Formula and Thyroid Formula will definitely keep you in check! Thank you so much DHERBS! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    The Menstrual Cycle Formula has been very beneficial in regulating my period. I didn't think I could regulate it before, but I have now found a product that is safe and natural that works well. *
39 results

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