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Reviews: Mucus Formula

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  • Mucus Formula

    This is an excellent product, I cannot believe how much mucus keeps coming out of my mouth and nose. I decided to change my diet, and eat more vegetables, fruits, seeds, and almost no meat and dairy. This product is the best. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I would wake up every morning with mucus in my eyes. After I began using mucus buster, the mucus began to expel from my eyes and my nose. Not only did it clear up my sinus infection, my sleep improved. Due to my continuous coughing through out the night, upon rising in the morning, I would be exhausted from lack of sleep. Also, since i suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, after taking mucus buster, the swelling went down, and I was able to use my hands again, *
  • Mucus Formula

    The mucus formula works very good. The has been a big difference in the amount of mucus I used to experience. When i used to wake up in the morning my nose used to be stopped up. But now a breathe a lot easier with this formula. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I have had chronic sinus issues for years- this is the first formula I have taken that seems to really make a difference. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I have only taken the Mucus Formula for 3 to 4 days and I already feel better. I can definitely feel it working. I recommend this Mucus Formula to anyone who has congestion problems. *
  • Mucus Formula

    My daughter had an asthma attack while at summer camp. Upon her return she started taking the Mucus Formula. Her mucus dissipated and her lungs cleared up. I love these products. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I purchased the Mucus Formula for myself but ended up using it for my kitten Gracee. I adopted her from our local SPCA and didn't realize till a week later that she was very ill. She was very congested and could barely breath through her nose. Cats will only eat if they can smell so since she was stuffy she wouldn't eat. I honestly thought she wasn't going to survive but I decided to open a capsule of the mucus formula and mix it with chicken broth and bottle fed her. Now she is doing just fine! I was so happy. So now a year and half later I see the symptoms coming back and I about to order some more. Thanks Dherbs for such a wonderful herbal remedy! *
  • Mucus Formula

    I take the mucus buster formula at night before bed and I am able to breathe freely. Thanks. *
  • Mucus Formula

    Mucus Buster is a very powerful formula. I eat healthy but there's exceptions, like birthdays and holidays where I slip a little from the path:-) I usually get congested afterwards. Using the mucus buster will give me immediate relieve. You can literally feel it working in just couple of hours. Simply a Great stuff. *
44 results

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Mucus Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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