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  • Mucus Formula

    As a person who has sruggled with sinus and mucus problems throughout my childhood and most of my adult life, I have a first hand feeling of how a mucus infested body feels.. After taking this potent formula my mucus is broken down and I see a positive change in my breathing, thinking, and movement througout my entire body... *
  • Mucus Formula

    The mucus formula has been a very good addition to my daily herbal regime. It helps break up the mucus from years of eating and drinking all the wrong stuff. I will continue to use this product. Thanks Dherbs *
  • Mucus Formula

    Normally, I don't get colds or coughs but lately, I picked up a cough in my chest. I had some mucus formula on hand and it quickly broke up the congestion and eased my cough. Great product to use without the drowsiness and side effects of over the counter meds. *
  • Mucus Formula

    since i have been using the mucus buster,I have noticed I am not hawking up thick flim.....awh..great compound..Thanks *
  • Mucus Formula

    This product indeed works to clear mucus from my sinuses and respiratory tract. It also helps to just reduce the amount of dairy products from our diet. Peace :-) *
  • Mucus Formula

    I started using the Mucus Formula a couple of weeks ago and I must say that it does work and keeps the congestion down, but if you miss a dose you will know it. Might be something that you must take for life, but it really does work and it is all natural! *
42 results

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