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Reviews: Nerve-Calming Tea

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  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    My sister swears by this NERVES tea. Due to her hectic and demanding job, she experiences anxiety from time to time and this is the only tea that helps her remain calm. Of course, my mother takes the capsule form. I rely upon these Dherbs herbal formulas because simply put, they do what they claim to do, work. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    I love this NERVES tea, I find that it really helps me relax when Im a bit stressed. I try not to though :). Plus I no longer feel this tingling feeling on my left side from an accident that I was in. Thank you Dherbs.com *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    This tea made me feel very relaxed and I was able to fall asleep with no problem. I would recommend this tea if you have a hard time falling asleep or if you are very wound up. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    This tea is absolutely amazing. It was because of this tea I became more knowledgeable about the herbs in it. I am a single mother of two and use to have depression. I thank this tea. I would drink a cup at night and use the same tea back 2-3 more times that same night. It put my mind to rest and put my in a state i was suppose to be in. I was relaxed but still alert without having racing thoughts. I would suggest this tea to all. My mother drank a cup and she said she had the best nights sleep. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    What can I say about this tea. I must say I had my doubts. I haven't had a good night's sleep in about 4 years until two nights ago. This tea has given me my dreams back!!!, Thanks Dherbs *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    I have tried the nerve tea and am very happy with it. I like drinking a cup at night. It has the right amount of natural sugar in it, and takes good. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    This is the best tea to drink, when you need a deeper relaxation and a deeper sleep. Before drinking this tea I had a hard sleeping, but now I could sleep better than before. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    Since taking this tea it has really improved my sleeping. I mean I have the most restful sleep that I haven't had in a long time. That's why I highly recommend this tea to everyone. *
  • Nerve-Calming Tea

    My son and I really like this tea (NERVES tea). It tastes great and helps us to sleep really well at night. Very relaxing tea... Keep up the good work Dherbs. Thanks! *
24 results

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