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Reviews: The Female Cleanse

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  • The Female Cleanse

    I felt better than I ever have. I went through getting bv back to back. My doctor and I tried everything and nothing worked. The female cleanse cleared that right up. I recommend the female cleanse to ALL women. I would definitely do this cleanse once a year for maintenance. I'm looking forward to using more products from DHerbs! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I love this cleanse! I can definitely tell it's working and it's one of the cleanses I'll definitely be doing again! Sugar cravings are gone, weight is being released, my overall beauty (hair, skin, nails) look great, and my natural female curves look stunning! It's like years of stress melted away to uncover the younger more supple me. I can't guarantee the same results for others, but stick to the diet and hopefully you'll love it too. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    Just like the Blood, Full Body, *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I ordered this cleanse because I was having mid-cycle spotting. I stopped eating meat once I started this cleanse and took the pills each day. Once my period arrived, it was heavier but I experienced no cramping. I also did not experience mid-cycle spotting. Overall, I liked this cleanse and was surprised at how quickly it remedied my issue. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I totally feel so much better. I was starting to have issues and the cleanse totally resolved all of them. *
  • The Female Cleanse

    Love the female cleanse, its a great cleanse to help women feel better. I noticed a difference right away and i began to feel better. Will order again. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I absolutely love the Female cleanse. I can fit back in to my old clothes. I haven't had the urge to eat any meat. I feel amazing. And ready to do it again! Thank you so much Dherbs!!! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    My wife has done the female cleanse with dherbs and absolutely loved it! This cleanse helped her to feel more energetic, regulate her body and in addition it helped her to shed those few pounds that she wanted! My wife and I have chosen to do dherbs at least once a year because of the wonderful benefits it has. You should definitely give dherbs a try if you haven't. We have tried many different cleanses and none can compare with this wonderful product! When you try dherbs, you will not go back to anything else! *
  • The Female Cleanse

    I noticed a difference in my hair, skin, breasts and my V health. My hair and skin looked amazing. Woman pay to have their V tightened up but the yoni is the bigger better deal. I love natural (herbal) healing. I highly recommend this cleanse for any woman regardless of age, especially if you are an active woman. *
71 results

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