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Reviews: Thyroid Aid

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  • Thyroid Aid

    Well here is another product that truly does what it says! This is my second bottle. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I was told many years ago I would have to take synthroid the rest of my life by the medical establishment. I just knew there had to be something better because I wasn't getting any better after 12 yrs. Then I heard about Dherbs.com and decided to give their Thyroid Formula a try. It really has made the difference. No longer am I taking synthroid and my overall health has greatly improved. I have energy now, my hair has stopped shedding and my nails are strong and growing. I can't wait to try the Full Body Detox. Thank You!! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    This formula is great! I have tried all the synthetics that the doctors tried to force me to take "for my health" and I ended up in the emergency room. I am grateful for this healthy alternative. I have lost weight and I have so much more energy. I feel calm and peaceful as well. No jittery side effects like the pharmaceuticals. I suggest the full body cleanse as well. Great Products and Service. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    Great product! I was told that my thyroid was underactive and slightly swollen and was placed on armour thyroid by the doctor. I didn't like the thought of taking this medication and began to search for something natural and unharmful to my body. So I started taking dherbs' Thyroid formula and the swelling is completely gone and I'm no longer on armour which is a blessing for me. Thanks Dherbs for such wonderful product! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    SO far so good, i like the Thyroid Formula, for optimal benefits combine this formula with the adrenal formula! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I was told by the doctor that they were concerned about my thyroid levels, and I have had problems losing weight. However, after taking the Thyroid Formula, I am finally able to drop the pounds I need, and I feel so much better. Thank you for such a wonderful product. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I was told that my thyroid levels were kind of low but that meds wouldn't make a difference, even though I had almost every hypothyroid symptom. I started on the Thyroid Formula from Dherbs and soon felt better than I had in years! My hair, skin and nails started responding immediately and my energy was through the roof! I'll never again be without these pills! *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I've been taking this Thyroid Formula for two weeks and I feel so much better. I love your products because, I trust the quality and purity of the herbs. *
  • Thyroid Aid

    I went to the doctor for a wellness examination in which they checked my prostate, gave me a stress test and gave me an ultasound of my kidneys and thyroid. The ultrasound showed that I had a swollen nodule that was no bigger than one cm. The first thing that came to my mind was Dherbs. I ordered the Thyroid Formula and started using it immediately. Since using the Thyroid Formula, I noticed that I have more energy. Before using the Thyroid Formula, I always felt fatigued. Dherbs is probably the best. No, it IS the best herbal company I have ever used. Thanks Dherbs, you are a great company. *
45 results

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