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  • Zinc Formula

    Zinc is excellent! I take it along with Hair Skin & Nails, MSM, Vitamin C, and Male Hormone Formula. Ever since I added Zinc to my regimen, I started seeing normal hair grow coming from my mustache. *
  • Zinc Formula

    I am so amazed that I can get the benefits of zinc from a natural source with the Zinc Phosphate! This formula is extremely effective! *
  • Zinc Formula

    Zinc Phosphate is another great Dherbs product for overall health, I recommend this product for anyone deficient in zinc. 5 stars! *
  • Zinc Formula

    My man didnt know I was taking the Zinc Phosphate Formula...once I started I had more than a few positive comments about the feeling of physical intimacy in the bedroom. I would definitely recommend this product. *
  • Zinc Formula

    The Zinc Phosphate Formula is a good supplement to maintain prostate health.. Peace :-) *
  • Zinc Formula

    The Zinc Phosphate has been very beneficial for me. I enjoy all Dherbs products. I've notice that my hair seems healthier and overall I feel more balanced. *
  • Zinc Formula

    Your Zinc formula is good because it really gives me energy and a sense of wellness. *
16 results

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