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Spiritual Bliss Bath Drops

Herbal bath drops that help induce a euphoric feeling and promotes vivid and lucid dreaming.

  • Helps to stimulate or induce a feeling of spiritual bliss, peace and wellbeing
  • Works to balance chakras and aid in spiritual meditation
  • Promotes vivid, lucid, and prophetic dreaming

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Dherbs.com Spiritual Bliss Bath Drops help to stimulate or induce a feeling or state of spiritual bliss, peace, euphoria, and wellbeing.

Great for a spiritually relaxing bath, meditative bath or soak, and/or chakra balancing soak session! Yes, you can balance your chakras in the tub! Also great for a spiritual meditation soak session! A late night soak with Spiritual Bliss Bath Drops can also help to facilitate vivid, lucid, and prophetic dreaming. This soak is also helpful to detach entities from the aura as well for boosting protection against psychic attack.

Spiritual awareness is the most important of all awareness because as humans we are all undergoing a spiritual existence in a human flesh body, but our true essence is spirit and thus we are spiritual. Spiritual Bliss Bath Drops affect one’s sense of spirituality instantly due to the innate spiritual effect of the essential oils used in these Bath Drops.

Frankincense and Myrrh have been used for thousands of years for spiritual purposes and was even given to the Biblical baby Jesus as a gift to ensure spiritual protection.

Sage helps to cleanse the aura and to remove negative energy from the auric field.

Davana enhances a sense of spiritual awareness and euphoria.

Sandalwood helps induce a state of spiritual awareness for purposes of meditation.

Bay is spiritually uplifting.

Net Weight - 5ml

FACTS: The earliest recorded mention of the techniques and methods used to produce essential oils is believed to be that of Ibn al-Baitar (1188–1248), an Andalusian physician, pharmacist and chemist.

Quick Note About Essential Oils Bath Drops
Aromatherapy was one the first therapies. It is a therapy that works via the sense of smell (olfaction) and takes approximately two seconds to give a desired effect, generally speaking. Essential oils are the oils derived from plants and hence are the blood of plants. These oils have a natural therapeutic effect on the mind, body, and spirit.

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Bathdrops: Use 5-8 drops
For a relaxing bath base, mix one part baking soda (Aluminum Free) and three parts sea salt. Add 5-10 drops to bath water just before entering and swirl it around.

In A Diffuser: Use 3-6 drops
Essential oils are placed in the diffuser, often times with water and heat so that the oils evaporate (be sure to read the directions). *Note that essential oils should never be directly burned as it could burn into ashes.

For Feet: Use 2-4 drops
Essential oils must be diluted before applying to skin and can be applied to using a variety of techniques. Diluted in a carrier substance (vegetable or nut oil) at no greater concentration than 3-5% (one teaspoon of carrier to 3 drops of pure essential oil, making it a 3% solution.

Topically on Body: Use 2-4 drops
Essential oils must be diluted before applying to skin. To massage or apply to large areas of the body, a 1% solution (one drop of essential oil in one teaspoon of carrier) is a safe concentration. Great carrier oils include sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and avocado oil.

Dry Evaporation (Cotton/Tissue): Use 2-4 drops
Place several drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and let evaporate into the air. Place it somewhere near you and breathe in and out. Sniff the cotton ball for a more intense dose.

Steam: 1-2 drops
Add drops of essential oil to a bowl of steaming water to allow the oil to vaporize. Place a towel over your head and over the bowl. Keep your eyes closed. This is a very direct method. This method may be helpful for upper respiratory and sinus infections.

Note: Not recommend for children under the age of 7 years old. For children over 7, use swimming goggles to protect their eyes.

Spray Bottle (Air Freshener): 5-8 drops
Drops of essential oils are placed in a bottle of water, shaken, and sprayed into the air. This will deodorize the room and or set the mood.

WARNING: Do not take or consume internally! Do Not Eat! For external use only!

Discontinue use if irritation to skin occurs.

  • this is an awsome product that is good to use as directed. A few drops in the bath along with some lit candles is heavenly, i also enjoy using it to fragrance my clothing because it smells really good. I more or less use it for EVERYTHING!! and i will be ordering another bottle today. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
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