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  • Abundance & Prosperity Bath Drops

    This evokes a strong sense of wealth, and I love it. I place a few drops in my wealth corner (feng shui), and in the palms of my hands. The scent is amazing. Works wonders. *
  • Abundance & Prosperity Bath Drops

    Very soothing and relaxing to both mind and body. Nice smelling too. *
  • Abundance & Prosperity Bath Drops

    Abundance and Prosperity is a Fresh Fragrance spiritually uplifting and alluring I recommend for daily use. *
  • Abundance & Prosperity Bath Drops

    I've been using the Abundance Bath Drops along with the Abundance Elixir and Inhaler for about 3 months now. In December my income almost doubled and new opportunities have been popping up all over the place. Now I work hard, so I'm not going to give this product all the credit, but I will be purchasing it again. *
  • Abundance & Prosperity Bath Drops

    I could tell that the drops did make me focus more but I don’t like the smell as much. *
5 results

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