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  • Age Defying Oil (4 oz)

    I was skeptical of putting oil on my face because I've always used those high-end creams and serums that I so dearly love, but I wanted to give the Beauty Oil a try. I am so glad I did, because this oil is doing wonders for my face. My face is soft and resilient. My son even complemented me on how smooth and glowing my face looks....I love this oil. *
  • Age Defying Oil (4 oz)

    I purchased Age Defying Oil about a month ago to try it out. I use very expensive skin products and have very sensitive skin. Age Defying Oil has been fabulous. I no longer wear make-up, and my skin has been radiant and flawless since the first use. I recommend this product to any individual with sensitive skin or who just desires more beautiful skin. Nice to know there are all natural products out there. thank you dherbs :) *
  • Age Defying Oil (4 oz)

    I liked the effect the Beauty Oil had on my face. The wrinkles seemed to have soften. I am grateful. Thank you! *
  • Age Defying Oil (4 oz)

    The Anti-Aging Oil makes my skin look and feel very healthy and soft. I will keep purchasing it. *
  • Age Defying Oil (4 oz)

    Yes it really worked. The anti-aging oil is everything it say it. I have used this for 1 month and I can feel and see a difference in my skin its the perfect and the best oil you can use. I use it day and night and you only need a small amount in the palm of your hand. So yes I will be ordering 2 bottles on my next order. It is well worth the time and the money. *
  • Age Defying Oil (4 oz)

    This is now my new daily oil. Absorbs quickly, very light and easy to spread. Skin looks livelier feels super soft and seems to be more supple than before. This is something you will want to try! Not a lot needed, two to three drops for face and neck area is perfect. *
  • Age Defying Oil (4 oz)

    Wonderful Beauty oil! I use it every other day at bedtime. I wake up in the morning with my skin feeling soft and plump and glowing thanks to Dherbs Beauty oil. This anti-aging oil has made a remarkable positive change on my skin can't imagine my Beauty regimen without this precious oil. This beauty oil is never a greasy and absorbs very quickly in the skin, quite remarkable! *
7 results

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