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Reviews: Anti-V Roll On

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  • Anti-V Roll On

    I have ordered 2 batches of this formula (Anti-Viral Roll On). After waking up to a random blister on my hand, I went straight to the roll on and within hours it has almost disappeared!! I even found it to work miracles on razor burns. Its uses are to no end. Thank you so much for such a great product. *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    I use this in my bath with sea salt it helps speed the healing process. I also roll it on any skin rashes and irritation, helps to they heal it much faster. This is an excellent formula! *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    I experienced an incessant itch on the left side of my upper back; unfortunately, due to my constant scratching and invisibility a bloody pus filled lesion developed. Frustrated from the constant scratching and irritated from the burning sensation I applied hot and cold compresses for a few minutes ; after that I rolled the Anti-Viral Roll On onto a cotton ball then happily applied the semi-saturated cotton ball over and around the sore area and within minutes both the burning and itching stopped. By the next day, the swelling had also decreased significantly. Thanks for the relief DHERBS!! Very familiar with essential oils, I was very happy to be introduced to the 100% essential oil of Melissa!!! Yeah!!!! *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    This Anti-Viral Roll On was a big help during my cleanse. It eased the discomfort that I had with blisters. *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    I am thoroughly impressed with the Anti-Viral Roll On. I have a very noticable emberassing skin rash on my chest and back that I have had over 6 months that got increasing worse despite me using hydrocortizone and athlete's fungal creams on it. I have only been using the Anti-Viral Roll On for 1 week and the rash is nearly gone...kudos to Dherbs I really love every product I've purchased from you over the last 2.5 years and will continue to use your products and tell my family and friends about how you've improved my health and esteem. *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    Amazing Product with a great scent as well. This product as worked well with the Anti-Viral Formula. I am hooked and will definitely place this product on my auto-ship list. I highly recommend this to anyone on the fence about trying it. *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    The anti-viral roll on works great for itchy skin. I've been using this great product for years now and will never stop. *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    At first I didn't think this roll on was helping but I continued to use it with faith and I eventually saw the results. I love the lemon scent, it's like a mood enhancer as well. I wish it came in a bath wash that's how good it is. *
  • Anti-V Roll On

    The Antiviral roll on has helped speed up the healing time. Great product. *
12 results

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Anti-V Roll On 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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