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  • Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz)

    The Argan Oil with Lavender is exceptional and effective. I had a breakout around my hairline from my satin wrap. I used this product and noticed it was gone within days. I occasionally use on my scalp gently. My hair is healthier than ever. I will reorder today. I am extremely satisfied. *
  • Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz)

    I absolutely love this product! I use product on my face primarily and to my thin edges in the front of my head! Great product! It stimulates my skin and gives my face a glow and softness. I will be ordering this again. *
  • Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz)

    Argan Oil with Lavender has a light welcoming scent. It helped with my occasional winter dry scalp and gave my highlights a beautiful shine. I also used it on my skin and it was not oily. It is a great product and I am undecided on which is better, Argan Oil or the Hair and Scalp Oil. However, the lavender smells delightful and gives the Argan a slight edge. *
  • Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz)

    Great product, helps naturally keep hair healthy and helps with strengthening hair roots. *
  • Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz)

    I used this product after the removal of single braids, which tends to break off allot of hair. I used this product for about a month and noticed that my hair was returning where my hair had broken off. Oil products I particulary don't like to use because oil from your hair also gets on your face. This oil did not break my face out but kept it moisturized thru the winter months. *
  • Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz)

    I love the Argan Oil with Lavender, for it's lovely smell and aroma. I use it on my hair and nails and I have seen some growth in my nails!! *
  • Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz)

    I love this product it works well on my skin nails and hair. I will continue to use regularly. Thanks DHerbs. *
7 results

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Argan Oil With Lavender (2oz) 5 out of 5 based on 7 ratings. 7 user reviews.
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