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Reviews: Electric Greens Combo

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  • Electric Greens Combo

    I felt that my daily intake of leafy green vegetables wasn't enough and started using this product and feel the difference with a much higher energy level. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    Hotep! I really enjoy this Electric Greens Cell Food! After taken the Electric Greens Cell Food, I noticed an increase in energy and I feel more alert during the day. Also I'm getting more out of my workouts and my muscles recover a lot faster. I really recommend this product for everyone. I will continue to use this product! *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    Another awesome Dherbs product!! I can feel the difference and my energy is great after taking this product. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    Electric Greens Cell Food is wonderful. Gives a major dose of nutrients that result in increased energy. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    Electric Greens Cell Food really does give you that spark, Its not like a caffeine energy jump but a NATURAL ALERTNESS and CLEARER THOUGHTS, truly GOD Send. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    I had no idea just how powerful this product was, until i started the Electric Greens Cell Food Cleanse, and....WOW!! The impact was so great that I had to stop the cleanse after five days. The reason being that I had to go to work, and this cleanse is so unpredictable "Nuff Said." I must say, that for those few days I felt sooo good. VERY LIGHT, AND FULL OF ENERGY. Next week, I hope to complete the cleanse as I have taken some time of work to do so. Yet another brilliant product from Dherbs, Thank You. *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    Alaafia, and thank you again for a wonderful product. The Electric Greens Cell Food is an all in one nutritional builder of the entire human body. I love it!! *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    The Electric Greens Cell Food Formula is a great product! I noticed that my appetite decreased while taking this formula, even though that wasn't the reason I purchased them! The list of benefits was enough for me to place an order! *
  • Electric Greens Combo

    In my opinion the Electric Greens Cell Food Formula is one of Dherb's best formula's. I take this formula in the morning, and I feel it activating every cell in my body. I am energized throughout the day, and my body feels nourished and replenished. *
36 results

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Electric Greens Combo 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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