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Reviews: Female Health Tea

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  • Female Health Tea

    I was having irregular periods sometimes twice a month after drinking the tea my next period came 27 days later much improved from 19 days apart or twice a month *
  • Female Health Tea

    Helps reset my hormones, just like the female hormonal. I take both and I feel so good. Thanks. *
  • Female Health Tea

    Tasted great. I used this in combination with the female hormonal supplement after my cycle had stopped for 3 months. Good stuff! *
  • Female Health Tea

    Since starting this product, I have had less bloating and fewer cramps between my cycle. I use this in combination with the Yoni Cleanser and Female Hormonal supplements. The taste is not bad at all, and I don't even have to add a sweetener. I will be purchasing this again as my results have been ideal. *
  • Female Health Tea

    This female health tea combined with the uterus tea has been helpful in my recovery. This tea works. I would purchase this tea again. *
  • Female Health Tea

    The Female Health Tea is a great tea both in taste and what it does for the female body. I drink it everyday and also take the Yoni Cleanser and Bunny Rabbit capsules. This combination really helped to alleviate PMS. I've been taking this combo for about 3 weeks now and I am very satisfied. *
  • Female Health Tea

    Wow, the Female Health Tea works! My breasts are usually very, very tender and sore for 14 days before my cycle. I am presently drinking this tea daily for seven days now and I have no tender breasts, I can run, skip and jump which I couldn't do before I started taking this tea. Highly recommended for people with menstrual issues. *
  • Female Health Tea

    If you are having any type of menstrual problems, I highly recommended the Female Health Tea. It did wonders for me. *
  • Female Health Tea

    Ive noticed a change in the severity of my cramps. The symptons associated with the onset of my cycle have also diminished. I like it without any sweetener *
18 results

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Female Health Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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