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Reviews: Female Hormonal

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  • Female Hormonal

    This product unlike pharmacy prescriptions worked wonders. It started to work within a matter of one week. I love it and will be purchasing more in the future. It's so hard for women to find great products that are natural and harmless and affordable.thank you so much dherbs.com for such an amazing item. I will refer some friends as well...thank you! *
  • Female Hormonal

    I have suffered from painful monthly cycles my entire life. After taking this product for only 2 weeks my cycle started. It was pain free and I even worked out. It also was extended to a normal length. Since taking this on a regular bases i have continued to have a predictable, pain free cycle. I also didn't expressions my usual PMS symptoms and my skin stayed clear.Anyone with any type of gynecology issues should really give this a try. *
  • Female Hormonal

  • Female Hormonal

    This product helped me with spotting in between periods. It also has helped my insomnia that I would get at times due to my hormones. My doctor told me to look at herbal alternatives, since I was having sleep issues. I found this product from Dherbs and I am glad I did. I highly recommend this product to all women who are experiencing any hormonal issues. *
  • Female Hormonal

    I'm 36 years old and have been suffering with occasional hot flashes for 15 years now. About a year ago, I began to have severe night sweats where the feeling of sweat running down my neck would interrupt my slumber. I purchased this product one month ago, just before Christmas, I have not had a night sweat in a little over two weeks. Thank you, Steve Harvey for mentioning this product as a result of Sheryl Underwood's success and thank you, Sheryl! This is a must for all women!! Thank GOD almighty for DHerbs!!!!! *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal is amazing. It has managed to balance my hormones and I am able to maintain optimal female health. Every woman should add Female Hormonal to your list of herbal supplements. *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal is great. I recently bought it for a family member, after using it for myself with much success. My young relative had been seen by several doctors for prolong interruption of her menstrual cycle and other issues-after much expense, the medical community had her running in circles by not being able to accurately diagnose her problem. I gave her three of the Female Hormonal capsules, and after being missing in action for 8 months her "period" finally came the very next day; and after taking this miracle supplement for several weeks her issues are being resolved. Her body was very estrogen rich- so her progesterone was being affected, and this was playing havoc with her health; but now her hormones are balanced and regulated, and she is doing marvelous. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal is great! It made my cycle more regular and stopped most of my cramping while on my cycle. The best thing is my cycle is a day shorter!!! I will continue to take once I run out. *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal product is worth every penny. This product works better than birth control in aiding to control hormone problems. *
66 results

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