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Female Hormonal

An herbal supplement that supports the female hormonal and reproductive system.*

  • Helps your reproductive organs and circulatory system cleanse themselves while allowing them to retain vital nutrients needed for optimal health*
  • Helps your body maintain balanced hormonal levels*
  • Works to nourish the endocrine system to maximize natural function of the uterus and ovaries*

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Female Hormonal+The Female Cleanse
Female Hormonal $24.95
Price for both: $174.95

Formulated with botanicals specifically chosen to help the female body achieve and maintain optimal reproductive health.*

Many of these natural substances are thought to mimic hormone functions, helping to contribute to balanced levels of female hormones.* (100 vegetarian capsules per bottle.)

NOTE: Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Take consistently for optimum benefit.

Adults: Take 3 capsules daily.

How Long Until I See Results?
Great question. Results may vary from person to person as there are various external and internal factors that may influence each persons experience while using this product. Some of our customers may see immediate results, while others have achieved great results within 4-6 weeks. We would suggest that you continue to use the product for at least 30 to 45 days in order to assess the benefits from taking this supplement.

Get Optimum Results with Regular Use
We suggest that you take this product consistently, and as specified. This means that you should allow the herbs enough time to build up within your system, and thus become effective. Even after you feel better from using this supplement, you may find that it is beneficial to continuously take a smaller dose for ongoing maintenance and support. Many of our customers take the product regularly to ensure optimal health.

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  • I had never had hard periods in my youth, but I turned 45 and something changed! I was in massive pain during my cycle, and it lasted almost a week. I had every test done that my gynecologist could think of, but all the results came up normal--even my hormone levels were supposedly in the normal range. I figured I had nothing to lose when I tried Female Hormonal, and I'm so glad I did. My first period was quick and painless again. I actually started feeling better overall within a few days of taking the product, so it is part of my daily routine. I ordered more so I never run out! Thank you! *
  • Legitimate 5 star review I had a hysterectomy 8/13/18. All that is left is my cervix. Man when I say the mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats came on me fast! Crazy! I was prescribed HRT, but I am not into big pharma if there is something natural. I tried Usana’s hormone supplement. Negligible difference. Then I remembered Dherbs. Bought Female Hormonal and my life is back! I’m ordering now so that I never run out! If you are on the fence, hop down and buy! It’s worth it! *
  • I can feel a big difference in how I feel since I started using the supplements. I no longer have hot flashes which is a plus amongst other things. I no longer have mood swings and feel like I am back on track. I have told my friends and family about Dherbs and I'm so thankful that I saw him on Steve Harvey and the rest is history yayyyyy. *
  • I only took this product for 1 full week while I was on my period,I saw a big change ,I am 45 and I have a very heavy menstrual flow , this product lighten my heavy flow, I will continue to use every month I was definitely impressed! *
  • Let me cut to the chase here- this product works. I started having premenstrual symptoms after 4 days on the product. And that is because I only took one pill a day for the first two days, to be cautious. But when I increased it to three as prescribed on the bottle my period came. Previous to taking this herb combo, I had not seen my period for six months. So for 6 months, I had no period and these horrible hot flashes. I had to avoid certain foods or the flashes would flare up. Now I still avoid certain foods, but I can occasionally have some of the things I use to eat. But the next thing I am going to do is get a diet plan going to optimize my health. Because you can take these pills. They get the party started again. But I think it helps to watch your diet too. *
  • This product has helped me tremendously. I was having hot flashes and night sweats often. Once I started taking the Female Hormonal pills, I haven't had night sweats and the hot flashes have decreased drastically. I recommend this to anyone. *
  • Yes. Just loved it! Works and helps with weight lost while dieting. Makes you feel healthy. *
  • I experienced uterine prolapse after giving birth and these Female Hormonal pills really helped strengthen my pelvic floor along with exercise. I’m really pleased with the results of my prolapse and I’ve also noticed that when I take these pills I’m less irritable and overall in a better mood. Great product!! *
  • I started taking this product at the beginning of October (2018) to help balance my cycle and help with night sweats. I’m on my cycle every 3 weeks like clockwork and have been told that’s not a “normal” cycle. Well these supplements are definitely doing something because it’s November 30 and I’m just now starting my period! I thought it was interesting because I’ve ovulated, been bloated, & have had breast tenderness like I was going to start at the beginning of Nov but only spotted. I do have to say I started having night sweats again, not as bad, but they’re definitely back. Oh my cramps aren’t as bad at all. I’ll continue to use but I’m not quite sure what to continue to except. *
*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.
Displaying 1 to 9 (of 83 reviews)
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You can add the Female Hormonal to the Full Body Cleanse, but it's always best to take it after cleaning out your system. If you're looking to add something to the regimen to help with some of the symptoms associated with PCOS we recommend taking the Yoni Formula. Just be sure to allow 1-2 hours in between taking the supplements for the cleanse and taking the additional formula.
Yes, the Female Hormonal formula can help assist with the symptoms of menopause. We suggest doing the Female Cleanse to help rejuvenate your female reproductive system. The formula's in this cleanse helps to aid with the conditions of menopause. Continuing with the Female Hormonal formula after cleansing is also recommended.
Please take the time to review the article and suggested products below.
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