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Reviews: Female Breast Oil

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  • Female Breast Oil

    After using the Female Breast Oil, I find my breast do not ache like they had for years. I advise the over 50 crowd to try and see the difference. Thank You *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I have been using this for 2 weeks. It smells a little weird (hard to describe), but it feels good when putting on (truly seems to me that you are more in touch with your breasts when you apply which is healthy) and they seem softer and perkier. I do as recommended and apply after shower. I am also combining with the female breast formula pills. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I have had issues with my breast all my life and have been to the doctor numerous times as a result of so much discomfort. I am a frequent customer at DHERBS so I browsed their products and stumbled across their female breast oil. I sat and read every review and was eager to take the test to see if I could feel a difference of this product. I usually get my products from Dherbs fast but this came the very next day which made me extremely happy. I did not hesitate to open that box. The first 2 days I put it on in the morning and at night with the 3rd day and forward just using it once daily. I am now amazed at how I feel. I don't have anymore achy and itchy breast. My breast feel great, my skin is clearing up, the smell of this oil is intoxicating, I have been sleeping better. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I tried the breast oil along with the capsules and got amazing results! I've lost a total of 30 pounds and needed a little boost in that department. I highly recommend using the oil and capsules and will be putting my reorder asap! Thx Dherbs! *
  • Female Breast Oil

    The Female Breast Oil smells amazing! The skin on my breast is like a baby's. I've noticed they are also getting fuller and firmer by the day. Thank you Dherbs!!!! *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I love using the Female Breast Oil and would not be without it. I have been using this product for about a year, and have most certainly noticed more firmness in my breasts. I've always hated wearing bras, so now i go braless most of the time - with much confidence. Thanks again D'Herbs...another fabulous product. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    I love Female Breast Oil! I'm going to use it for the rest of my life! I noticed changes in how my breast feels and looks. I recommend every woman to use and enjoy this wonderful product-pure, natural and smells like flowers. Thank you, DHERBS! *
  • Female Breast Oil

    Aroma of oil is pleasant. Produces subtle, yet noticable results. Oil lasts a reasonable amount of time. Look forward to ordering this product again. *
  • Female Breast Oil

    Thank God I tried this product (Female Breast Oil)! I was reluctant at first but I'm thrilled with the results… I've noticed my chest being naturally fuller, smoother, and bigger than ever, well except when I was pregnant :) I will be purchasing this oil again. Thank you very much Dherbs! *
19 results

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