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Reviews: Menstrual Cycle Formula

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  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I have been taking the menstrual cycle formula for a little over 3 months, and it has been awesome!! I used to be on birth control, however it stopped being effective after a while for menstrual cycle regulation/irregular bleeding. I was at wits end, and stumbled upon this product. So far, I’ve noticed marked improvement, and my cycle has been more consistent than it has in years. Definitely will continue to take!! *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    This supplement gave me my period back! Woman in my family can have crazy menstrual cycles. I've determined it is due to thyroid issues and anemia probably related to the thyroid issues. I had one cycle that was seven days and I bleed so heavily that I was changing my overnight pad every two to three hours. Then nothing for four months. When I did come on, I would spot for about ten minutes. After taking this supplement, my period can back regularly and it was not heavy nor painful. I'm going to order the thyroid support when I place my next order. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I only take this when I start my menstrual cycle. It has done wonders for my flow and even cut my days down from 7 to 5; sometimes 3. I no longer cramp or have heavy bleeding. I use to couldn't leave the house but thanks to these pills and detoxing I no longer have to sit home for 7 days. I even ordered some for my sister who suffers from PCOS. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I started taking this supplement a month ago it has worked well. As far as my cycle being cut short and my cramping disappearing. I have suffered from cramping for years. This supplement has helped me a lot. I no longer have to take anything for pain due to cramping. Also, I am no longer having to stay in bed to get past my cycle. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    This product has been a life saver for my daughter. She has really bad cycles and this really helped her get through it. She can't go without them. We really enjoy Dherbs products. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    My daughters and I appreciate this product because it lighten up our menstrual cycle and helped slow down the pains in my daughter's legs. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    This product is heaven sent. It helps me get through my monthly's more smoother! I love this product! My periods are less painful and not as heavy and I love the fact that I don't have to strong medicine throughout the day instead I'm taking natural herbs. I will continue to order on a monthly basis ! Thanks Dherbs. I also like to pair this item with Yoni Cleanser. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I have struggled with debilitating CONTRACTIONS during my cycle for years. This was the first thing that actually helped HEAL and STABILIZE me. Menstrual Cycle Formula has been a blessing for me, as well as my mom and aunts. Thank you, Dherbs, from all of us. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Formula

    I was on the depo shot for 4 years and began to worry how horrible my periods were going to be the moment they came back. I came across DHerbs from a friend and started this formula ASAP! My period is amazing and I never thought I would ever say that. Light bleeding, light cramping and shorter periods. I love this product and can't wait to try others! *
51 results

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