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Reviews: Full Body Cleanse

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  • Full Body Cleanse

    I started the Full Body Detox on March 15 and am on the last few days of it; Upon weighing myself I weighed in at 198lbs as of this writing I'm down to 181bs, but that's not the best part. I'm a single mom who recently had disc fusion surgery and for the last several months I've suffered with severe insomnia and had been taking prescription medicine to get to sleep. That's no longer the case! I'm more energized than I've been in years, my skin is brighter, so much so that people in the supermarket… have asked me what I'm doing as I have a glow about me. When I mentioned about the Full Body Detox several people in line asked me about the company and for the website address. I'm here to say if there's anyone out there that maybe hesitant, don't be, this product is fantastic and I've learned how to eat better and the will and desire is there to continue with my new lifestyle. THANK YOU DHERBS! My life is better because of you. I'm now going to do the Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen and really get myself in the best shape for myself and my son. I forgot to mention how this Full Body Detox gave me a more clearer mental attitude towards life; I will be doing the cleanse at least a few more times this year and for years to come. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    The Full Body Detox really makes one realize the true power of living as a human being. I felt rejuvenated after performing the Full Body Detox and could feel the cleansing being activated in my body. I am very blessed to know about dherbs.com, and I have strongly benefited from using the Full Body Detox as a general tune up and also as a precursor to major healing. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    A friend of mine recommended this cleanse and I am glad she did. I found taking the herbs along with eating veggies and fruit only easier than if I had been only eating the veggies and fruit. I had given up red meat twenty years ago but continued to eat chicken at least once a week. Since the cleanse which was two months ago, I have had it only once which was two days ago. I really do not miss it. I lost weight but cannot tell you the amount. Though, I can say my clothes are looser. I definitely feel better, see things clearer and experience being healthier. I recommend this cleanse to anyone who wants to change their eating habits, lifestyle and get healthy. Losing the weight is the great benefit of the cleanse. Thank you for a wonderful product and making a difference in people’s lives including mine! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Well, I am no rookie to the full body detox kit by Dherbs. I tried the detox 3 years with great success. I wanted to purged the junk that was in my body from years of abuse.(Soda, candy, fast food). I was 6'1 and I weighed 240 pounds. I had back aches,acid reflex, sore joints, chest pains, you name it. I also had donelap sickness-- my stomach had done lapped over my belt. Pot belly Bob, he, he. Seriously, I was in bad shape. My little brother Brian introduced me to Dherbs and I am so grateful. I had a colonic done and then I started the detox; over 3 different detoxes I went from 240 to a 180 pounds. Skin cleared up and I felt 10 years younger. I went vegan and never looked back. I actually dunked a basketball at the age of 40. This stuff is the truth... a real fountain of youth. Keep saving lives Dherbs! Cheers. Robert Morgan *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    This is by far the best cleanser! I have tried this product twice and both times I have had successful results. There are a lot of pills to take but the results make it worthwhile. *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    The Full Body Detox did work for me. I develop more energy and I lost 20 pounds, as a bonus the Full Body Detox removed toxins in my body. I also learned during the program how to eat and enjoy whole food. Thanks to all of the staff! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    Man I did the (Full Body) Detox and lost 14 pounds in 10 days, now all the boys are on it. I feel great! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    I completed the Full Body Detox in February. As a result I am so energized. I was totally satisfied with the Full Body Detox. The cleanse made me think very carefully about the things I put into my body… I was so satisfied that I also completed the Weight Release Cleanse in March. I am so glad that I ran across this site. I love Dherbs’ products and will continue to use them. I’ve recommended it to a friend! *
  • Full Body Cleanse

    From day 1 I could feel the cleanse working! From skin rashes and sneezing to going to the bathroom, I could see my body being cleansed! I recommend this to everyone. On top of the cleanse itself, it really taught me what I wanted to know about eating more RAW foods. My diet, being awesome as it was, really kicked off after the 3 week detox!!! I Love it! I have done 2 so far. *
3014 results

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