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  • Herbal H Formula

    This does what it says it does. I felt one coming on, so I started taking 2 of these before bed, combined with some charcoal. It did the trick. *
  • Herbal H Formula

    Great product! I was struggling with an irritating hemorrhoid for about a month. After 2.5 weeks this product removed it! I took an average of 9 capsules a day. It also got waste eliminated on the regular. Hopefully this review helps the next person who might have a problem. Great product for colon health! *
  • Herbal H Formula

    I bought this formula (Hemorrhoid Buster) for a friend who didn't exactly know how to get rid of their hemorrhoid issue (I didn't know at first either). They are absolutely thrilled with the results! *
  • Herbal H Formula

    The Hemorrhoid Formula really works!! I went to the ER because I didn't know why I saw a little blood coming from my colon, they diagnosed me with Hemorroids, gave me prescriptions for stool softeners and milk of magnesia (all over the counter). Those did nothing but gave me the runs! I ordered Dherbs' Hemorroid Formula, took 4 capsules on day 1, and 3 on day 2, no more bleeding, no more straining when I go, and I'm more regular now. I love Dherbs products! God Bless you!! *
  • Herbal H Formula

    I was having digestive issues and developed hemorrhoids. This product shrank the hemorrhoids and made it much less painful. I take it now as a preventative measure. *
  • Herbal H Formula

    Well, i can't really say that it helped me at 100% because I had an episode a week ago when I had to purchase ointment, suppositories to help me out while I'm taking these capsules every night in a regular basis. *
6 results

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