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Reviews: Iron Formula

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  • Iron Formula

    I tried the iron phosphate using 5 tablets at a time and it worked great! I felt more energetic than I ever have using the liquid herbal formula I have used for years. it would be nice if it came in a larger number per bottle or a 2 month supply. *
  • Iron Formula

    The iron phosphate formula works wonders for my energy in the morning. I fell nourished throughout the day and the effects on my overall health are visibly noticed. *
  • Iron Formula

    The Iron Formula is such a wonderful product! I was told by my doctor that I was anemic but instead of taking the iron that she recommended, I decided to purchase from Dherbs. After just a month and a half of taking the Iron Formula my test showed that I am no longer anemic. I honestly didn't think that there was an iron formula that could work so fast. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Iron Formula

    My stomach has always been sensitive. Finding an iron supplement that doesn't upset my stomach has been difficult. This iron formula has worked really well for me. I have been using it regularly and I never get sick from it. I really LOVE this product. It comes on my reoccurring order therefore I never run out. *
  • Iron Formula

  • Iron Formula

    Just want to say after a month of using the Iron Formula and vitamin c tea, my anemia is improving. I love the products because it doesn't upset my stomach or cause constipation. It doesn't even give me a sour stomach. I just reordered my monthly supply and will be trying the b-complex next. Thank you. *
  • Iron Formula

    The Iron Formula is amazing. My Dr told me my iron was and recommended an over the counter iron supplement, but due to previous experience I was nervous. The Dherbs Iron Formula unlike other formula don't make you constipated. My energy level has gone up and so have my iron levels. Thank you Dherbs for this awesome products. *
  • Iron Formula

    Tried the iron formula because I'm anemic and I was tired of taking iron pills. These pills do work and I love the fact that they are all natural herbs and does not upset my stomach. Will continue to order more. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Iron Formula

    Hello, I brought this product for my daughter who suffered from a mild case of anemia. She wanted to take a supplement that was natural and wouldn't upset her stomach. The Iron Formula is excellent. It helped to raise her blood level without upsetting her stomach and increased her energy level. I would recommend this to anyone. *
45 results

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