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Reviews: Iron Formula

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  • Iron Formula

    A couple of years ago my doctor told me that I had a issue with my blood count. He stated that my iron in my blood was low and I needed to take iron pills. I started taken the pills he prescribed and they made me constipated. I stopped taken the pills and started eating more green vegetables but it still didn't help the problem. I ordered the Iron Phosphate Formula from Dherb and I haven't had any problems with going to the bathroom or my low blood count. This is a very good product. *
  • Iron Formula

    I am anemic and sometimes get dizzy because of my low blood count. I've used Vitamin C & Iron prescribed by doctors but I like Dherbs Iron much better because it is all natural. I haven't had any dizzy spells since I started using the Iron Phosphate. - Thank you, Dherbs. *
  • Iron Formula

    Hello, I brought this product for my daughter who suffered from a mild case of anemia. She wanted to take a supplement that was natural and wouldn't upset her stomach. The Iron Formula is excellent. It helped to raise her blood level without upsetting her stomach and increased her energy level. I would recommend this to anyone. *
  • Iron Formula

    Tried the iron formula because I'm anemic and I was tired of taking iron pills. These pills do work and I love the fact that they are all natural herbs and does not upset my stomach. Will continue to order more. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Iron Formula

    I started taking the iron formula because I was sluggish or tired. After taking the iron formula for about a month, I was rejuvenated. Thanks Dherbs for all that you do. *
  • Iron Formula

    I recommend the iron formula. It had work great for me. I have been anemic for a long time. With this product I had picked up energy and way more focused. My mood has gotten so much better that I feel great. I did not notice any weight loss, but I wasn't taking it for weight loss i just needed more energy. And this product was good for me. *
  • Iron Formula

    My Cherokee Grandmother had me take One-A-Day "Plus Iron" Vitamins when I was a kid because I'm slightly Anemic. When I found out I was consuming "Ferrous Sulfate" all these years and that wasn't the best Iron for persons of African descent, I did some more research. I found out that "Iron Phosphate" was better. I was directed to take this product because I was told that it was abundant in Iron Phosphate and has been making me feel great ever since. Thanks DHerbs! *
  • Iron Formula

    When told by my doctor that I had a iron deficiency, no doubts I knew where to turn to. Use this for several years and I get tested on a regular basis. It seems to bring my levels down, so constant use makes a difference for me. Thanks. *
  • Iron Formula

    It makes me feel really vibrant this formula makes me feel like I have a clearer sense of thought this poor man and rich is my blood and my color is staying maintained rich and vibrant I recommend this for anyone who is anemic I have been battling with blood issues far as low blood hemoglobin level two since I've been taking the medicine I've been feeling like I said really good my hemoglobin levels are up to 14 so I recommend anyone who are on iron pills try this formula it makes you feel so much better and I'm not constipated. *
52 results

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Iron Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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