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Reviews: Menstrual Cycle Tea

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  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    The Moon Cycle tea is the best Tea ever I mean it is really great and it is really good I do reccomend this tea for anyone that is having problem with they menstrual cycle. Yours Truly, Joycelyn *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    I used to have painful, heavy cycles and would always have to resort to OTC pain meds to alleviate the cramping. I am so glad that I tried this tea as I experience no more cramping and neither a heavy flow. Once I drink a cup, I can go about my day like it's not that time of month. Works wonders for me and no more OTC meds since. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    The menstrual cycle tea is very pleasant tasting tea. It has definitely made an improvement on my cycle. The cramps are are almost non existent and it is a lot lighter. I would definitely recommend it. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    This is a very good tea. It helped with my mood swings too. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    I bought the moon cycle tea to help me with my menstrual cramps. It made a little difference, actually a much bigger difference from the intensity of my last period, so I plan to keep drinking it along with eating an organic vegetarian diet. My cramps were less painful, and the flow was light compared to the past. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    Moon Cycle tea works really well with the Moon cycle formula. Very pleasant tasting and requires no additional sweetening. Will reorder and recommend to my friends. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    This Moon Cycle tea is a life saver! I have always had really bad craps and bad moods during that time of the month, drinking the tea makes that time pleasant and pain free! I love it. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    The "MOON CYCLE TEA" has definately made an improvement in my female area. I am regular and don't have the cramps that were associated with the menstrual cycle and I don't bleed heavy anymore. What a blessing. *
  • Menstrual Cycle Tea

    This is some good tea (Moon Cycle tea). I have been drinking it for the last two months the week of my cycle and I have already notice a lighter and shorter period and less fatigue. Thanks Dherbs! *
16 results

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