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  • Metabolism Booster Tea

    I am loving this tea. It does exactly what it was made to do. And that is, a total energy boost for me too. I work in a busy office but often found myself exhausted *
  • Metabolism Booster Tea

    I enjoyed the taste of this tea and I feel like it has helped boost my metabolism. I have recommended Dherbs to several family members and friends. I will continue to purchase products to maintain my new lifestyle and weight loss. Dherbs really works and has made a true believer out of me and now has another loyal customer. Thank you again for the start of the change in my life. *
  • Metabolism Booster Tea

    The Metabolism Tea was okay. I really felt it when I initially started drinking it but I didn’t experience it thereafter. I still buu it but now have to double bag it. *
  • Metabolism Booster Tea

    This product is great to drink prior to working out. *
  • Metabolism Booster Tea

    Metabolism booster, kept my cravings at bay.Gives a boost of energy *
5 results

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