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Reviews: Mucus Formula

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  • Mucus Formula

    The mucus formula works very good. The has been a big difference in the amount of mucus I used to experience. When i used to wake up in the morning my nose used to be stopped up. But now a breathe a lot easier with this formula. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I love this Mucus Buster Formula! I'm currently a vegetarian who consumes cheese every now and then. When I do, phlegm tends to come up. I'll take 2 or 3 capsules about an hour after I have eaten something with cheese and the phlegm is gone! This also comes in handy when I eat a lot of mucus forming foods throughout the day. *
  • Mucus Formula

    I recommend Mucus Buster to all who (like me) are/have been prone to severe sinus infections. I've been using this for around one year now. I went from taking sinus meds every day to now one sinus med a month. I am very pleased! Thank you Dherbs! *
  • Mucus Formula

    Mucus Formula is a wonderful product, I find this formula very useful to help with my seasonal problems. *
  • Mucus Formula

    Since taking Mucus Buster Formula and limiting my intake of dairy products I no longer snore and that make my wife and I a lot happier! Thanks Sooooooooooo Much!! *
  • Mucus Formula

    Mucus Buster Formula works wonders after being around a lot of people who cough and hack all day long at work. I mean no harm, but if people would just wake up and smell the herbs. Thanks DHERBS, appreciate your concern for my well being. *
  • Mucus Formula

    What a fantastic product the Mucus Formula is!!!! It totally cleared up all of the excess mucus that I believe was lurking around in my body. I could actually feel it working. I still have a long way to go, but this was a welcomed start to my cleansing journey. *
  • Mucus Formula

    The Mucus Formula, in conjunction with the alkaline formula, has broken up mucus in my system, and kept me from getting sick this winter. As always dherbs formulas work, and are a great value :) *
  • Mucus Formula

    The Mucus Buster Formula is a must for the modern diet. I lead a healthy lifestyle yet this product made such a big difference to my body. The first time that I took it, I could feel it pulling at mucus. It works really well with the tea and I will keep on using it. *
42 results

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Mucus Formula 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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