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Reviews: Pancreas Cleanse

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  • Pancreas Cleanse

    This is my first time trying this cleanse. I went to my doctor before and I'm going back in August. I hope that my sugars are going down. My home blood sugars are great! I've been feeling really good and did not have too use as much insulin. So, I can tell this cleanse is working, Woo Hoo! I'm going to keep up with this cleanse and continue until I get my desired results! Thanks DHerbs I love my first results and want it to continue to heal my Pancreas. I'm committed now, let's do this! P. S. Eating raw foods are great, didn't miss cooked food at all! *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    It is now 4 weeks since I have used this product and I have not taken any insulin since. My blood sugar reading is good. Also I have change my eating habits eg. cutting out meat and dairy products. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    This is my second time doing the Detox. It was done as a family this go around completed it on Jan 30, 2010. My wife and cousin saw the results from my first try and they gave it a shot so I bought 3 Full body Detox kits so we could all experience healing. My cousin said he hasn't felt this good in a long time and he dropped 12 pounds and counting, his wife loves the new him. He stated that he's going to continue to detox quarterly. I see a change in my wife's energy level and lost of weight 7 pounds to be exact. As for me I feel great all around I thought I wouldn't do so well at the gym while detoxing, but I actually had more energy and strength to lift my free weights and jog. My pastor and first lady have seen the results from all three of us and there going to try it, maybe you should come do a presentation at the church because others are inquiring. I believe the whole church may try it! This is a true DETOX!! Forget the rest try the Best! *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I will not claim FSGS in my life anymore!! Once I completed the FBD I began the PCR. I lost an additional 15 lbs (27.5 total) my creatine was 2.11 (it hasn’t been that low since 12/2005). Every other item on my labs was normal (they were previously all over the place). These products are God sent. I recommend everything Dherbs recommends. Peace. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    My husband is now starting his second week of this cleanse. Within 4 DAYS I noticed that he has lost over 10 lbs. The fat on his back, check, chest, arms and face is vanishing literally overnight. We did the full body detox about a year ago and he lost a lot of weight on that as well but not as fast as thi detox. I am astonished. The acid around his teeth has completely vanished and his teeth are now white and clean, he no longer has extensive mucus in his throat. He is known for being a vert happy person- but to my surprise- even his mood has significantly increased. His now has more energy than ever. I have nothing but good things to say about this product (and it's only been 1 week today)! We're going to continue with this product for 6 months until the blue around his eyes goes away. This product is amazing. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I just completed my Pancreas Cleanse & Regimen. I think it has helped me tremendously. Before taking the regimen, my sugar levels were off the chart, mind you I was on pharmaceutical drugs my doctor insisted I take. My doctor has switched and switched my meds until I said "No More!", I had to do something. After doing the Full Body Detox and loving it, I decided to search for something on the site that would help me with diabetes my doctor claims I have, I say claims because you know I have never owned the disease. Any who, The Pancreas Cleanse & Regimen has lowered my sugar levels, I lost 12 lbs. I am also feeling more energized than I did before. Overall, I am very pleased with this product. I have recommended it to a couple of my family members. I am also doing the "Pancreas Auxiliary Formula" and "Sugar Buster" after all "sugar" is my vice. I'm going to heal my body with the help of Dherbs. Thanks, Tameka T. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    The pancreas cleanse was okay, it helped with lower my blood pressure, and decreased my cravings. I liked the results better when I performed the 21 day full body detox. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    I'm giving the Pancreas Cleanse a four star only because I'm close to the mid-way point of this cleanse. Just to let people know, my blood sugar was at 268 when I first started this cleanse. I'm close to being at the mid-way point and noticed my sugar level is at 158. My sugar level is gradually dropping which is better than dropping too fast. I definitely need to focus on eating more raw foods as recommended by DHERBS, which I'm getting much better at. The six months point close-to-near and already ordered the Full Body Cleanse and will follow that up with the Weight Release. *
  • Pancreas Cleanse

    My experience with taking the Pancreas kit was interesting. I now have better metabolism and I am able to keep my body weight down. It's been four months and I have not gained any excessive fat. *
31 results

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