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by Golding
It is now 4 weeks since I have used this product and I have not taken any insulin since. My blood sugar reading is good. Also I have change my eating habits eg. cutting out meat and dairy products. *
5 / 5


by Desiree
I will not claim FSGS in my life anymore!! Once I completed the FBD I began the PCR. I lost an additional 15 lbs (27.5 total) my creatine was 2.11 (it hasn’t been that low since 12/2005). Every other item on my labs was normal (they were previously all over the place). These products are God sent. I recommend everything Dherbs recommends. Peace. *
5 / 5


by Sarah
My husband is now starting his second week of this cleanse. Within 4 DAYS I noticed that he has lost over 10 lbs. The fat on his back, check, chest, arms and face is vanishing literally overnight. We did the full body detox about a year ago and he lost a lot of weight on that as well but not as fast as thi detox. I am astonished. The acid around his teeth has completely vanished and his teeth are now white and clean, he no longer has extensive mucus in his throat. He is known for being a vert happy person- but to my surprise- even his mood has significantly increased. His now has more energy than ever. I have nothing but good things to say about this product (and it's only been 1 week today)! We're going to continue with this product for 6 months until the blue around his eyes goes away. This product is amazing. *
5 / 5


by Tonya
Hello my Dherbs family this was the first cleanse I did. At first I didn't think I could go 20 days without meat but it was just a mind thing. By my 4th day I didn't even want any. No I'm not a vegetarian nor will I ever become one but it was very refreshing to tell someone no thank you when they offered me meat. I will do this on again soon. Thanks again AD *
5 / 5


by Clifton
I'm giving the Pancreas Cleanse a four star only because I'm close to the mid-way point of this cleanse. Just to let people know, my blood sugar was at 268 when I first started this cleanse. I'm close to being at the mid-way point and noticed my sugar level is at 158. My sugar level is gradually dropping which is better than dropping too fast. I definitely need to focus on eating more raw foods as recommended by DHERBS, which I'm getting much better at. The six months point close-to-near and already ordered the Full Body Cleanse and will follow that up with the Weight Release. *
4 / 5


by Youlanda
Hello, Well I finally completed the 10 Day Liver Cleanse and the Pancreas Cleanse. The l0 Day Liver Cleanse helped me feel energized, I had started eating meet again and it didn't take long to start feeling sluggish, so the 10 Day Liver Cleanse helped me feel a lot better. Not taking a break I went right into the Pancreas Cleanse. Overall I felt good, my blood sugar drop from 160 and some times 180 to a stabled 130 and below for the duration of the cleanse. I am not sure of the benefits I was to reap from this cleanse, but I am grateful for the drop in my blood sugar level. I think with a little time I will return to do the Pancreas Cleanse again. Thank You DHERBS for your great herbs. *
4 / 5


by Patricia
The pancreas cleanse was okay, it helped with lower my blood pressure, and decreased my cravings. I liked the results better when I performed the 21 day full body detox. *
4 / 5


by lori
My experience with taking the Pancreas kit was interesting. I now have better metabolism and I am able to keep my body weight down. It's been four months and I have not gained any excessive fat. *
4 / 5


by Aleli
I completed the Pancreas Kit in October. I have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes since 2000. Testing of blood sugar levels still range above desired 100, but I have decided not to take prescription medicine and instead am doing continued pancreas herbal supplements for another six months. *
3 / 5
PANCREAS CLEANSE 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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