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  • Sugar Formula Tea

    The Sugar Formula Tea really works well. It deters my sugar cravings tremendously. *
  • Sugar Formula Tea

    This tea (Sugar Formula tea) is absolutely amazing. It eradicates every craving of sugar that I have and I do not desire the taste of sugar throughout the day once I drink a cup in the morning. *
  • Sugar Formula Tea

    I am a junk food junkie! I love everything sweet. If it has sugar I want it. After drinking the Sugar Formula tea, my desire has gone. I have seen my weight drop because I am making healthier choices. I can go to the mall and not buy any of those good smelling baked goods. Thanks Dherbs! *
  • Sugar Formula Tea

    I tried this tea (Sugar Formula tea) for the first time yesterday and I must say that after drinking it I ate a bowl of oatmeal and couldn’t even taste the sweetness, if this is the result of drinking the tea, I will be hooked! *
  • Sugar Formula Tea

    This tea tasted a lot better than I expected it too. Sometimes with herbal teas you get an "after" taste. Not with Sugar Formula tea. The flavor is great. I sometimes find myself drinking it when I want something to warm me up. Try it, you won't be disappointed. *
  • Sugar Formula Tea

    I am a new customer to the herbal teas. I have tried several varieties. I have especially enjoyed the sugar formula tea. It has a very satisfying flavor and thus curbs my desire for something sweet after eating lunch. *
  • Sugar Formula Tea

    I really enjoy the Sugar Formula tea. I realized that after drinking it daily it helped my sugar cravings to subside .And as an result my A1C levels are now almost normal.Thank you for such wonderful products. *
16 results

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