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Reviews: Vitamin C

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  • Vitamin C

    This vitamin c formula is wonderful very potent but not nausiating would recommend to anyone needing a boost *
  • Vitamin C

    I have noticed a difference in my energy level and the quality of my hair. In addition to Vitamin C, I take Folic Acid, Vitamin K to assist with my workout schedule and the results are awesome... GREAT vitamins!! I also completed the full body cleanse and I would recommend this product to anyone to obtain the best optimal care. It will forever change your life for the best! *
  • Vitamin C

    Since I started taking DHerbs Vitamin C I have avoided catching the cold/flu that makes it self around at my worksite. *
  • Vitamin C

    I recently purchased the Vitamin C item and I must admit the excellence of quality when it comes to these products. They are not just products they are tools of life to heal for you become as optimal as you can be especially this PURE vitamin C (No More Colds). Hotep. *
  • Vitamin C

    I tell you the truth this produt really has me feeling much better and its also helping me with my blood pressure. *
  • Vitamin C

    Great product. Vitamin C is very important supplement. This provides all natural bio-available vitamin c. You really need it if you are not eating enough fruits or low on vitamin c. *
  • Vitamin C

    This is the best Vitamin C Formula I have used. With this combination, I have not suffered with any colds or viruses and I know that is what made the difference because my resistance to colds and viruses are very low......thank you for this product! *
  • Vitamin C

    My Faimly and I take vitamin c to help keep our immune system up. *
  • Vitamin C

    The Vitamin C Formula is a great natural Vitamin C supplement doesn't upset my stomach at all. *
13 results

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