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Reviews: Vitamin C

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  • Vitamin C

    This vitamin c formula is wonderful very potent but not nausiating would recommend to anyone needing a boost *
  • Vitamin C

    This has been added to my regime for anemia. This along with iron formula helps with this condition. Not having that synthetic vitamin c to which does not give you the same sense of well being. Thanks DHERBS. *
  • Vitamin C

    I received the vitamin C today and took 3 pills according to instructions on the container. Several hours later I experienced the energy to finish up with my laundry, helped my husband clean the kitchen (as he took 3 pills also when I did) and got onto my iPad and performed several functions. DHerbs I appreciate you guys so much. I have also ordered vitamin A, the greens combo and the vitamin and minerals today. I also had a bad sinus infections for over two weeks and all the medicines I took made it worse until I got a unction from the Holy Spirit to stop taking the medication and slowly but surely it began to get better. When I received the vitamin C that helped a lot and I began to clear up all together sooooooo soon. Praise God for all his herbs in the earth. He mentioned that in HIS WORD about the herb bearing seed. Keep doing what you do guys and thanks so much. *
  • Vitamin C

    The Vitamin C was excellent. I'm thankful that you had it in stock. I will definitely be ordering it again. *
  • Vitamin C

    I have noticed a difference in my energy level and the quality of my hair. In addition to Vitamin C, I take Folic Acid, Vitamin K to assist with my workout schedule and the results are awesome... GREAT vitamins!! I also completed the full body cleanse and I would recommend this product to anyone to obtain the best optimal care. It will forever change your life for the best! *
  • Vitamin C

    Since I started taking DHerbs Vitamin C, It has helped boost my immune system and I haven't been affected by the cold/flu season at my worksite. *
  • Vitamin C

    I recently purchased the Vitamin C and I must admit the excellence of quality when it comes to these products. They are not just products they are tools of life to help you become as optimal as you can be especially this herbal vitamin C since it truly helps boost your immune system. *
  • Vitamin C

    I tell you the truth this product really has me feeling much better and its also helping me with my overall health. *
  • Vitamin C

    Great product. Vitamin C is very important supplement. This provides all natural bio-available vitamin c. You really need it if you are not eating enough fruits or low on vitamin c. *
16 results

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Vitamin C 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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