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Reviews: Weight Release Tea

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  • Weight Release Tea

    I LOVE THIS TEA. I drink this tea every morning and after lunch, and I REALLY, REALLY love it. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I purchase the Weight Release Tea and the Full Body Cleanse Tea and enjoyed them both. I drank the tea before going to bed at night. Rotated drinking the tea each night. I slept better after drinking a cup of tea and in the morning I felt well rested. The teas helped with the cleansing process that I was doing. Since I'm about to do the FBC again I will be ordering some more tea. the taste was good and I used honey to sweeten and lemon juice to give it another taste. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The weight release tea has a great natural flavor so no sugar is needed and gives me the boost of energy I need in the morning to get my day started. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The is the best tasting tea I have had in a long time. You see I am not a tea drinker most of the time. I have drink green tea for weight loss and management but had to put sugar. This tea needs no sugar and it tastes great. It also kept my cravens in check and hunger to a minimal. The only downside to this is having to order it and pay the same amount of shipping cost as the tea. I have told family and friends about this tea. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Taste great and gives me energy. I am in the process of ordering some more it seems to keep me regular. I like it a lot. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Me and my daughter are using the weight release tea, and we love it! She no longer has issues with her bowels, and that's major! *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Love it, this tea is great if you are thinking about losing weight. Highly recommended. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    This weight release tea is so good. I ordered it for the very first time on 4-9-16 and I see results already. My stomach has gotten small and it does suppress your appetite. I have to make myself eat now. It does everything that it states it does. I'm getting ready to order more now. Thanks DHerbs for another great product! *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Excellent herbal tea. Enjoyed it during the day and evening. Helped control my Appetite between meals... *
71 results

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