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Reviews: Weight Release Tea

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  • Weight Release Tea

    Didn't loss a pound....waste of money. Took as directed and got nothing. Doesn't taste bad...but does nothing for weight loss *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I used the whole bag, and I didn't notice any changes in my weight. Is there a period amount of time I should use the tea in order to see results?? *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The tea was okay. I particularly didn’t like the taste so I stop taking it BUT my fault because I am not a hot/warm tea drinker unless it’s raining. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The tea had great flavor but did not work for me. I lost no weight. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I didn't notice a lot with this tea but it did seem to clean. It made me go to the bathroom. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    It help me some in curbing my appetite but maybe I should have taken other products that goes along with it too. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    Tea worked well. Taste was fine adding a little honey as directed. Worked within couple hours. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    I like the tea. It has some very good ingredients in it that I really like & that are good for my body. *
  • Weight Release Tea

    The tea is great, I’ve shared it with friends and they were not impressed. *
106 results

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Weight Release Tea 4 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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