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Reviews: 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

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  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    I absolutely LOVE this cleanse (10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse). During my colonic I was told that I had Candida in my bowels and always had a foul smell when I sweat and foot problems. Immediately after my 10 day cleanse all of those problems disappeared, no smell at all, no more constipation. EXCELLENT and HIGH QUALITY product! I can’t wait to try the Full Body Cleanse :) Thank You Dherbs! You saved my life. *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    Product is awesome. I love it, this will be my second time using it in 6 months. This product does what it say. I love the way my hair, skin and nails looked. I also love how it helps with my body ph balance. I really like the way it helps with my mental thoughts, I was very energized and calmer. *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    It's truly an AWESOME product and will purchase more soon. *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    Hey, I'm just a truck driver. I've done 2 of these cleanses and I feel great when I completed. I'll be doing more in the future from time to time. *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    It worked well! Too many pills, but other than that, I was pleased and would try it again. *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    Excellent cleanse. I was able to notice the different after three days of starting the cleanse. I did not have anymore sugar cravings and my water intake increased. I was able to release 8 unwanted pounds and 2 inches off my waist. Thank you for a great product. I have recommended to others as well. *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    On day 3 of the cleanse and I feel amazing! The cleansing is subtle BUT EFFECTIVE, and thus far I have dropped 6 pounds to my amazement. To be honest, I don't care for the tea because it's an acquired taste; however, if I let it cool down and drink it fast it's not that bad. The 10-day Flora Balance Cleanse does everything it states on the website to my satisfaction. I will wait 6 months and try the Weight Release to lose those extra pounds; however, if I stay on the raw vegetable diet I will be able to continue losing that dreadful belly fat. I hope this helps everyone contemplating using this product, and personally speaking~ It works for me and maybe it will work for you also! Cheers! *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    Happy to report, the results are in!!!! While taking the Flora Balance Cleanse, this product really gave me the look I've been trying to get & maintain for years. The products were great!! Tea is fabulous & choosing this product for a follow-up after my 20 day cleanse, has really helped me out. Loving all the products so far..... *
  • 10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M)

    I enjoyed this cleanse! It really helped with my sugar cravings. I purposely tried to eat candy after this cleanse to see if it worked. Not only did I not want the sugar but I ate a lot less of it. I don't even keep sweets in my house anymore. I took this cleanse for a personal reason and my symptoms went away but there were a few of them that were significantly lessened. My skin did break out with itchy patches in some areas and I'm not sure what that's about but I just keep my skin moisturized. I ordered the Full Body Cleanse and will be starting on Saturday. I want to continue healing my vessel and see just how far I can go! Thanks Dherbs! *
15 results

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10 Day Flora Balance Cleanse (F or M) 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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