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Reviews: Female Hormonal

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  • Female Hormonal

    I took this product for about 6months when I got off of my birth control pills because my husband and I decided we were ready to start our family. I feel that they worked great at balancing my natural/normal hormones after being on synthetic hormones for so long. I have stopped using them since I've become pregnant, but will pick them up again after I've had my daughter and I am done breastfeeding. Another great product! *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal is amazing. It has managed to balance my hormones and I am able to maintain optimal female health. Every woman should add Female Hormonal to your list of herbal supplements. *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal is great. I recently bought it for a family member, after using it for myself with much success. I gave her three of the Female Hormonal capsules, and after being missing in action for 8 months her "period" finally came the very next day; and after taking this supplement for several weeks her issues are being resolved. She is doing marvelous. Thanks Dherbs. *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal is great! It made my cycle more regular and stopped most of my cramping while on my cycle. The best thing is my cycle is a day shorter!!! I will continue to take once I run out. *
  • Female Hormonal

    I just have to say that the Female Hormonal did me a very great deal of justice in regulating my menstrual cycle, I had suffered a miscarriage and since then my cycle has never been the same so I decided to try this product and it did it for me. *
  • Female Hormonal

    The Female Hormonal really works. I had slight hormonal imbalance and this product corrected it in addition to a great diet. Good stuff. *
  • Female Hormonal

    My hormones have been an unbearable mess for years. I’m taking prescription medication, but irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, weight gain, anxiety, depression, painful-lumpy breasts, headaches, and hair loss are still some of the things I’ve had to live with for a long time. After taking the "Female Hormonal Formula" for a couple of weeks, I’m actually starting to feel better!!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! ***I’m Forever Grateful*** *
  • Female Hormonal

    I've been taking the Female Hormonal for about a month. I love it. I feel soooooo much better. My mood is better. And everything else. *
  • Female Hormonal

    I love the female hormonal formula. It has regulated my hormones and has also cleared up the oil on my face due to high testosterone. I do not have the night sweats or the hot flashes anymore due to this product. *
75 results

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