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Reviews: Iron Formula

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  • Iron Formula

    The iron phosphate formula works wonders for my energy in the morning. I fell nourished throughout the day and the effects on my overall health are visibly noticed. *
  • Iron Formula

    I noticed a big difference the first week in using the Iron Phosphate. I used another product for years for anemia but it does not compare to the effectiveness of Dherbs Iron Phosphate. *
  • Iron Formula

    The Iron Phosphate is an amazing product! I have more energy since I began taking it. Thanks! *
  • Iron Formula

    I was anemic and tired with cold hands. After taking this iron supplement, my color has returned and my hands are less cold. The best thing is that this iron does not cause any constipation. Thanks *
  • Iron Formula

    My Name is Carolene Maddox. I purchased the Female Brest Oil and the Iron Phosphate. The oil has definitely helped my fibrostic brest. Also helps in the relief of PMS. The Iron us excellent; I have really had good energy, have stopped eating Ice, Iron levels are balanced etc. Both products are great! *
  • Iron Formula

    Finally an iron supplement that is gentle on the stomach and doesn't cause constipation! I recommend it to anyone who has had trouble taking traditional iron pills in the past. Thanks! *
  • Iron Formula

    I am so pleased with the results after taking iron phosphate. I took it for 2) months and my iron level is back to normal. I suffered for many years with shortness of breath no energy. I went to the Doctor and he wanted to give me a blood transfusion because he said that my iron level was severly low. I refused to take one. I had been ordering different herbs from this web sight so I decided to try the iron phosphate and I am so glad I did. Thank you Dherbs, your products are number one! *
  • Iron Formula

    I had been feeling extremely tired and finally went to the naturopath. She ran a blood test and we found my iron was down to 23 (norm range according to western medical dr.'s is 35-175). She started me on Iron supplements but guess what, I started getting constipated! Wasn't going to have any of that so I turned to DHERBS to see what was here. I have been taking the Iron Phosphate for 1 month now. I don't feel as tired and am surely not constipated from it. Much better than 'what the doctor ordered'. *
  • Iron Formula

    I love this Iron phosphate! I am no longer anemic!! I just went to the Doctor a day before this review and she said I was at 13.2 on a scale of 15. Just love it. And I am addicted!! I might go broke on this site. *
43 results

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