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Reviews: Jackrabbit Tea

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  • Jackrabbit Tea

    I bought the Jackrabbit Tea because I couldn't afford the pills but still wanted to try it and it truly works! My wife noticed the difference the first time. Thanks. *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    Great for me since I stopped with the 5-hour energy shots. *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    I was interested to see how effective this herbal blend was however did not feel the need for capsules. This tea is on point! I use this tea as instructed. Wow! Not only did it smell and taste great but the effects where more than I expected. I noticed a difference, especially with my energy level. Dherbs does it again! *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    A nice subtle effect!! Very aromatic and good tasting. The combination of herbs is perfect! *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    It is a boost to stimulation and libido in the moment. A very good product!!!!! *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    Jackrabbit tea is a great product. I will share this product with all of my male friends. *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    I ordered the jack rabbit tea and let me tell you my significant other knew something was up, literally! She saw more action, more action , and yes more action! Love the product. *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    I wanted to give this tea (Jackrabbit tea) a try, without telling my spouse what I was giving him. To my surprise, it worked exactly as it reads. I'm going to give the capsules a try. *
  • Jackrabbit Tea

    The jackrabbit tea is the best alternative to Dr. prescribed pharmaceutical with none of the side efffects. Good product with great results. *
16 results

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Jackrabbit Tea 5 out of 5 based on 9 ratings. 9 user reviews.
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